On planet Gannett, all’s well that doesn’t end well for #DeadInmates

County responds to grand jury jail recommendations

A grand jury found no grounds for criminal charges after a fatal April explosion at Escambia County Jail, but the jury did offer a series of six recommendations for improving jail safety …

Arguably, the most significant grand jury recommendation was that the county appoint dedicated safety officers at its correctional facilities. There were no such positions at the jail Central Booking and Detention facility in April when a natural gas leak ignited in the building’s flooded basement, killing two inmates and paralyzing a corrections officer.

via County responds to grand jury jail recommendations.


Appointing “dedicated safety officers.” Yup. That’ll heal the injured and raise the dead, for sure. And “dedicated safety officers” will better understand inmates when they say that they smell gas.

Never mind that we all expect 14-year-old babysitters to know exactly what to do when anyone in their care says they smell gas – propane, methane, any gas – get everyone far away from it, and call 911. Yup. Never mind common sense … this is gubmint, and gubmint works; Gannnett says so.

We really ought change the name of Grand Juries to Grandiose Juries, so people understand just how dysfunctional and counterproductive they are. I forget how I came by the life-changing (seriously) Grand Jury report on 17-year-old Omar Paisley’s obscene in-custody medical negligence death, but I did indeed come by it. That Grand Jury made 20 recommendations, which changed nothing within Florida’s juvenile corrections system, or Florida corrections overall, even though there two indictments.

The U.S. is a holdout in keeping Grand Juries, just as it is a holdout in keeping the death penalty. Secrecy and vengeance are anything but our strong suits, but you wouldn’t know it by reading the Pensacola News Journal, or any other Gannett newspaper … gubmint works.




About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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