#SpyCables: IMHO, Congressional staffers should be ready to walk-out March 3rd … #EmptySeats

Leaked cables show Netanyahu’s Iran bomb claim contradicted by Mossad | World news | The Guardian

Brandishing a cartoon of a bomb with a red line to illustrate his point, the Israeli prime minister warned the UN in New York that Iran would be able to build nuclear weapons the following year and called for action to halt the process.

But in a secret report shared with South Africa a few weeks later, Israel’s intelligence agency concluded that Iran was “not performing the activity necessary to produce weapons”. The report highlights the gulf between the public claims and rhetoric of top Israeli politicians and the assessments of Israel’s military and intelligence establishment.

via Leaked cables show Netanyahu’s Iran bomb claim contradicted by Mossad | World news | The Guardian.


My Congressional representative – Patrick Murphy, D-FL – has not responded to petition pleas that he not show up on March 3rd for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech, orchestrated by Speaker Boehner.

Given Murphy’s voting record, I’m not surprised. But there are real Democrats in the House, and they’re not likely to show up to listen to Netanyahu serve up more sell-serving lies, especially since they can point to the content of this initial release of the Spy Cables.

The Republican’s planned response to potentially #EmptySeats is to fill them with staffers, and given what The Guardian has revealed about the seriousness of Netanyahu’s lie before the UN, I’m hoping that every Congressional staffer will walk out in solidarity if so much as one of them is asked to fill an empty seat … participation in the Congressional staffer walkout on December 11th  was anything but full-out, and it got plenty of attention.

Speaker Boehner can and should retract his invitation, so as not to offer Netanyahu an undeserved opportunity to spin Iran’s nuclear intentions into a longer, grimmer fairy tale. But it seems more realistic to instead hope that Congressional staffers do the right thing.

There are other strange and scary revelations in The Guardian‘s article, so please read and share, if you have the time.  Thank you.





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