Holder’s biggest lie: Our system of justice is the best in the world … #OfMiceAndMen

Eric Holder: Moratorium On Death Penalty ‘Would Be Appropriate’ Pending Supreme Court Decision

Published on Feb 17, 2015

Attorney General Eric Holder called Tuesday for a moratorium on the death penalty pending a Supreme Court decision on the use of lethal injection drugs in Oklahoma.

Speaking at a luncheon at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., Holder, noting that he was speaking in a personal capacity and not as a member of the administration, said the “inevitable” possibility of executing an innocent individual is what makes him oppose capital punishment.

“Our system of justice is the best in the world. It is comprised of men and women who do the best they can, get it right more often than not, substantially more right than wrong,” Holder said. “There’s always the possibility that mistakes will be made … It’s for that reason that I am opposed to the death penalty.”

via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NrmiFWH3tA


Eric Holder knows the truth. But he won’t say it.

Our system of justice isn’t just.

It is comprised of men and women who have legislated and/or case law immunities from prosecution – ranging from qualified to absolute – for deliberate misconduct that results in a wrongful conviction, even if that wrongful conviction results in a wrongful execution.

Both mistakes and malice are not only possible, they are PREDICTABLE, because the incompetent and the malicious all hide behind their immunities … because Eric Holder and his predecessors let them, along with John Roberts and his predecessors, Mitch McConnell and his predecessors, John Boehner and his predecessors and Barack Obama and his predecessors.

What Eric Holder portrayed as “inevitable” has already transpired, many times.

A haunting for-instance: 21st Century fire accelerant forensics cleared Cameron Todd Willingham of murder by arson. But Texas executed him anyway.

Moratoriums based on drug efficacy are a fraud on the public. Wrongful executions are rather routine, particularly in Texas. Although Derrick Dewayne Charles is mentally retarded, Texas intends to kill him.

As Eric Holder knows, Texas determines intellectual disability – for purposes of administering the death penalty – by John Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men” fictional character, Lennie Small:

Texas put [Robert] Ladd to sleep by lethal injection having deemed him not to be sufficiently mentally impaired according to its bizarre criterion for the condition. Under what are known as “Briseno factors”, the state sets out the profile of an individual whom ordinary Texans would agree was intellectually disabled. It points to Lennie Small, the lumbering and childlike character in John Steinbeck’s 1937 novel Of Mice and Men, identifying him as the legal yardstick.

As Holder also knows, many Texans have been determined to be intellectually suitable for public disposal by a man referred to as “Dr. Death” – George Denkowski – who has been barred by providing any additional testimony on intellectual disabilities for the purposes of administering the death penalty:

Dr. Denkowski was an expert witness whom prosecutors — particularly in Harris County — relied upon to determine whether a murder defendant would be eligible for execution. In 2009, other psychologists and defense lawyers complained to the board of psychologist examiners that Dr. Denkowski used unscientific methods that artificially inflated intelligence scores to make defendants eligible for the death penalty.

Therefore, Eric Holder knows that Texas has murdered before, and will murder again, and further knows Harris County, TX – where Dr. Death apparently testified most often – may not wait for due process, per my prior post about the suspicious death of likely-innocent Antonio Williams, a death which will be investigated by a host of people who have a high stake in finding Williams’ death a suicide, and can do so without a worry in their heads, because of their immunities from prosecution … ranging from qualified to absolute.

A death row inmate who was back in Houston to attend hearings for his appeals was found dead in his Harris County jail cell early Thursday morning, his lawyer said.<br /><br />
Antonio Williams, 34, had several appeals pending, including one in which two witnesses recanted last year.<br /><br />
William's apparent suicide left his attorney asking questions about the circumstances. / handout

Eric Holder’s immunity from prosecution is absolute. It is therefore not against the law for him to venture as far afield from the truth of any matter as he pleases, and the majority of U.S. Supreme Court Justices – under John Roberts – want it just that way, per their ruling in Connick v Thompson in 2011 … Justice Ginsburg authored the minority opinion.

Our justice system is in a race to the bottom with other human-rights-hating nations. And we may well win … it’s John Roberts’ court, not Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s.

Eric Holder had the opportunity to “out” Texas for all of the above; an opportunity to “out” Georgia for executing Troy Davis after all but two witnesses recanted (one of whom was likely the actual killer); an opportunity to “out” Florida for executing Wayne Tompkins without availing themselves of an offer for free DNA tests, for ignoring a new witness in Robert Waterhouse’s case, for executing Gerald Stano and Linroy Bottoson while knowing that charlatan dog handler John Preston had only one skill – lying – and that Preston was THE go-to guy for lazy Central Florida prosecutors that weren’t up to ensuring that police found the right people to prosecute. And so on.

Holder has kept tens (or hundreds) of thousands of lives on hold – including mine – on behalf of public servants that serve each other instead of the public. If Loretta Lynch intends to follow the same course, she should expect a great deal of peaceful resistance.

The public now understands that the mainstream media lies, continually.

It’s an answered prayer, globally.

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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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