Hey Harris County: where’d the shoelaces come from? #DeadInmates

  • A death row inmate who was back in Houston to attend hearings for his appeals was found dead in his Harris County jail cell early Thursday morning, his lawyer said.<br /> Antonio Williams, 34, had several appeals pending, including one in which two witnesses recanted last year.<br /> William's apparent suicide left his attorney asking questions about the circumstances. / handout

Death row inmate found dead in Harris County jail – Houston Chronicle

Two witnesses who testified in the capital murder trial that Williams was the gunman have said they were pressured to lie by prosecutors and investigators.

The two women who saw the shooting from a second floor patio said they were told to identify Williams despite their claims that the killer was a man named Keith who had dreadlocks with blond tips, according to court documents in Williams’ defense.

via Death row inmate found dead in Harris County jail – Houston Chronicle.


Antonio Williams death will be investigated by those that have the most at stake in keeping his very likely-wrongful conviction intact.

I again point out – because the mainstream media won’t – that officers and their supervisors have qualified immunities for deliberate misconduct, while prosecutors and their supervisors have absolute immunity for deliberate misconduct, over Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s strenuous objections.

Undoing wrongful convictions rapidly has always been as simple as making sure that public servants have no greater protections under our laws than any other person.

Antonio Williams’ story reads like John Thompson’s … which Justice Ginsburg told; the black man did it … the black man initially described by witnesses.

If you knew how common the story of intimidating witnesses into changing their original description, you wouldn’t sleep very well at night … you’d know that your family is being deliberated endangered by officers and prosecutors who find it easier to frame an innocent than find a criminal.

Tim Cole didn’t survive incarceration in Texas, either. He died from an asthma attack. His DNA exoneration followed. The actual rapist had tried to clear Tim while he was still alive; no one would listen.

In a New York minute, the mainstream media can put enough pressure on the Department of Justice and the FBI – whose job it is to ensure that public corruption doesn’t affect trial outcomes – that Eric Holder (or Lorretta Lynch) and James Comey are forced to tell Congress that they need federal statutes to make case law and state legislated immunities for deliberate misconduct GO AWAY.

That our mainstream media is packed with jackasses hasn’t been quite so obvious in a long time – because the jackasses cover for each other until it comes down to a pissing contest of who’s more of a jackass.

A Plea for Justice - The Tim Cole Story

A Plea for Justice – The Tim Cole Story

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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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