Kris Maharaj needs David Cameron to object to Florida’s conviction corruption

Reprieve: +44 (0) 207 553 8140

For immediate release: Tue Feb 10, 2015

Jailed Florida Brit takes innocence fight to court of appeal  
Briton Kris Maharaj yesterday filed notice to appeal the decision of a Florida judge who refused to grant a retrial for his 1986 conviction, despite overwhelming evidence of his innocence.  
Miami Judge William Thomas denied a new trial to Mr Maharaj at an evidentiary hearing held on January 9th. Judge Thomas refused to consider most of the evidence that the murders were committed by the Colombian Cartels. Mr Maharaj now has 50 days to file the full brief appealing Judge Thomas’ decision.   
Mr Maharaj was convicted for the murders of Derrick and Duane Moo Young, father and son, in the Dupont Plaza Hotel in downtown Miami in 1986. He has always maintained his innocence and, at the hearing in January, substantial evidence was presented to the court that the murders were in fact committed by Colombian drug cartels.
Kris Maharaj, immediately after Judge Thomas’ judgement was given, said: “This is a body blow, enormously dispiriting. More than anything, it is dreadful for my wonderful wife Marita, who has stood by me all this time. I would have given up and just died if it were not for her. But I will not stop fighting for justice until they do carry me out of this terrible place in a coffin.”
Clive Stafford Smith, Kris Maharaj’s long-time pro-bono lawyer and Director of Reprieve: “I am not sure there has been a more dispiriting moment in the 30 years of my career, as Kris is utterly innocent. But as he told me, we just have to keep on fighting until we get him justice.”
Notes to editors
1. For further information, please contact Clemency Wells in Reprieve’s press office: +44 207 553 8140 / clemency.wells [AT]
2. The court document that was filed is available upon request.


This short video clip makes it clear that Kris Maharaj’s lead defense attorney threw his case.

That Kris is no longer on death row isn’t the favorable sign that one might think; taking known innocents off death row is a good ole Florida boy ploy to get them out of the limelight … it happened to another incarcerated innocent that I advocate for, Crosley “Poppa” Green. He’s still not a match to the original eyewitness’ identification, just one of many reasons he should be free. Prosecutors pointed to the DNA as conclusive, even though Mito testing only identifies maternal lineage. Crosley’s brother had indeed driven the truck involved in the homicide on an earlier date, but Crosley hadn’t; he can’t drive a stick shift, let alone drive a stick shift and hold a gun on two people. The absence of fingerprints was rather telling, too.

Offender Picture








If the appeals court Kris’ case goes to is anything like Florida’s 5th District Court of Appeals, it is likely that Kris’ appeal will be PCA’d, like Crosley’s was.

Per Curiam Afirmed” translates to “You’re Anonymously Screwed” in American English, and even if the King’s English doesn’t offer a saner translation, now is the time for David Cameron to speak up, insistently, on Kris’ behalf. Any Brit that vacations, winters or works here in Florida has much more to fear than a sunburn. The simple truth is that Florida routinely frames innocents. If falsely accused of a crime, whether one has nothing to spend on his own defense, like Crosley, or millions to spend, like Kris, justice will be hard – if not impossible – to come by.


About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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2 Responses to Kris Maharaj needs David Cameron to object to Florida’s conviction corruption

  1. Justin says:

    Hi Susan, I have just seen a bio on this case. There are numerous tragedies in this story. The US judicial system not acknowledging the mountain of evidence that was not presented in the first trial being centre. Additional to this, and something that has scarcely been commented on is the corrupt police and other people of power that “protected” the actual killer/s, and framed an innocent man, and thus should be held responsible surely? I suspect there is every chance the original defence for Maharaj may have been complicit in the lie? These people have all progressed through their respective professions, and I must believe they are as guilty as the man who pulled the trigger. We only know about this case due to the profile, how many lower profile cases have these same police/ lawyers been involved in? We are scarcely a civilised society when these people are rewarded for deeds that should see them incarcerated for their actions. Justin

    • Very well said, Chris. The principle problem here in the U.S. is that prosecutors and judges have absolute immunity for deliberate misconduct, and law enforcement officers have qualified immunities. It is not against the law for some public servants to break the law … so some do, over and over again. The worst immunities were constructed by the U.S. Supreme Court beginning in 1976; they had an opportunity to correct them in 2011, but ruled against all that’s holy, 5 to 4. When our nation’s rich and infamous wake up and realize that they fit the definition of effete rather than elite, and are disdained rather than revered, we may get somewhere. Nobody likes to be a walking, talking joke, even those that can afford to keep the laughter far from their ears.

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