Oregon’s Ghosts may become Florida’s #DeadInmates

DOC Administration Office of Population Management [Oregon]

Administrative Functions/Capacity and Resource Management

Contact Info: Jamie Breyman, Office of Population Management Administrator 503-378-5854

  • Provide an infrastructure for system-wide strategic planning, and communication.
  • Broker system-wide collaborative conversations and think tanks for innovation and continuous process improvement. Provide a global systems perspective to ensure that the right inmate is in the right bed at the right time during each phase of incarceration from intake to release.
  • Scope of activities includes operations, all aspects of systems development/redesign, strategic planning and management to ensure efficient movement and housing of all Department of Corrections inmates, including general population, special populations, and inmates housed out-of-state [emphasis added], in Oregon Youth Authority facilities, in federal prisons and in county facilities.
  • Coordination of systems and collaboration with stakeholders to ensure that inmates are placed in the right beds at the right times, and have the foundations for a valid “roadmap” for case management to meet their correctional objectives and other service needs.
  • Recommend and set department policy in regard to inmate classification and work eligibility, high risk inmate placement, bed capacity and resource allocation, central transfer authority, Interstate Compact and Ghosts [emphasis added], fire crew coordination, and working with youthful offenders.
  • Analyze need and when necessary, bring emergency beds online. [emphasis added]
  • Respond to public and family questions and concerns regarding all aspects of inmate classification, transfer and placement.

via DOC Administration Office of Population Management.


According to the text I emphasized above – placed in context with Jacob Barrett’s incarceration – Oregon is pretty seedy: 1) It is well-known to prison professionals that frequent phone and physical contact with friends and family reduces recidivism; placing inmates out-of-state is ridiculously counterproductive, as recidivism – prior to over-packing prisons – jams jails and court dockets and of course involves increased costs for police, prosecutors, public defenders, court clerks and judges; 2) “Ghosts” is the term used to describe those that our federal government has “disappeared” via rendition; for Oregon to officially use the word is beyond disgusting, 3) Portraying the ability to bring “emergency beds online” is a fraud upon Oregon’s taxpayers if the “analysis” for taking that measure is absent both common sense and common decency.

Jacob Barrett is on a hunger strike.

He is an Oregon inmate being made to serve his time here in Florida, despite my state’s ever-expanding #DeadInmates scandal repeatedly making national headlines.

Among the as-yet not fully disclosed guard-on-inmate Florida homicides, mentally ill Darren Rainey was scalded to death at Dade Correctional Institution, and physically ill Randall Jordan-Aparo was gassed to death at Franklin Correctional Institution. Rainey was serving a two-year sentence; Jordan-Aparo was serving an 18 month sentence … a  short-timer can’t expect to survive incarceration in Florida, not even a short-timer whose medical needs require special attention.

The Prison Industrial Complex, comprised of prison vendors and privatized prisons – is laboring to increase recidivism, and they’re not even apologetic about it. It’s rather the whole point of mainstreaming solitary confinement, which is known to cause mental illness when prolonged.

Among the Prison Industrial Complex investors who buy into ratcheting up recidivism is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Beyond all argument, the math of saving money via privatizing public services is unworkable: it is impossible to save money by employing extraneous personnel.

Bill Gates can do basic math.

No good deed that the Gates Foundation does can ever make up for their profiting via Prison Industrial Complex predation. And the world would know that if the likes of Charlie Rose could ever bring himself to ask a hard question.

You can read about Jacob Barrett’s isolated, alternately frigid and broiling misery in own words, here.

If you agree that each state’s corrections department should be sane, humane and anti-recidivism as well as genuinely cost effective via the elimination of profiteers, please take a moment email a link to this blog post to the Oregon Department of Corrections at DOC.Info@doc.state.or.us.

The Oregon DoC knows that things are only going to get worse in Florida, and very quickly … Governor Rick Scott’s is allowing new Florida DoC Secretary Julie Jones to make our prisons far more silent – she has issued a gag order on guards.






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