Wrecking the NHS …

Leading health thinktank condemns ‘damaging’ Tory NHS reforms | Society | The Guardian

The King’s Fund also says that Lansley’s overhaul, which abolished hundreds of NHS bodies such as primary care trusts and strategic health authorities (SHA):

• Left the structure of the NHS so “complex, confusing and bureaucratic” that the organisation of the service “is not fit for purpose”.

• Wasted the time of NHS bosses, who were “distracted as they were required to rearrange the deckchairs rather than navigate safely past the iceberg” of growing demand for care and the service’s tightest-ever financial squeeze.

• Led to the loss of talented senior NHS leaders by creating an array of new organisations, each responsible for areas such as hospitals or public health, meaning that no one is in overall charge and the NHS now suffers from a leadership vacuum.

via Leading health thinktank condemns ‘damaging’ Tory NHS reforms | Society | The Guardian.


Nationalized healthcare has proven to be far and away less expensive, while providing a higher quality of care.

However, a nationalized healthcare system does not offer campaign contributions or expensive entertainment, travel and other perks for aspiring or already-on-the-job legislators and leaders. It doesn’t offer “revolving door” employment opportunities, either.

An insurance-driven healthcare system provides all of the above (at a greater expense, and diminished quality of care as well as limited access to care … which is often deadly).

I hope that the UK will wake up before its too late. Lobbyist lovers know that their gain is your pain, and frankly don’t give a damn. They’ve only begun to blight.


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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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