We protected Nazis from valley fever, but not citizens of color?

How the Government Put Tens of Thousands of People at Risk of a Deadly Disease: If it killed politicians instead of prisoners, this illness would be national enemy No. 1. | Mother Jones

As former California undersecretary of corrections Kevin Carruth put it in testimony, “It never will be the business of the Department of Corrections to provide medical care.” …

…  Nazareth Haysbert, one of the lawyers involved, told me, “It’s a special irony that the US and California would knowingly confine US citizens, albeit prisoners, to the same areas—known to cause deadly outbreaks of cocci—from which they had removed Nazi prisoners of war mere decades earlier.”

via How the Government Put Tens of Thousands of People at Risk of a Deadly Disease | Mother Jones.


David Ferry’s “long read” about prisons problems with cocci, a/k/a valley fever, was well worth my time, unlike many road-to-nowhere-long-read-screeds.

While what I’ve selected to appear above confirms another race-based prison travesty, it doesn’t in any way address the high cost of the negligence. What would have cost millions to fix has likely cost billions to ignore.

Worse – indescribably so – many men are unnecessarily gasping for breath from valley fever right this very moment, perhaps with one even taking his last breath as I type.

On a subject related too closely to not cover this travesty, President Obama asked, “Is this who we are?”

I guess the answer is, “Not if Mother Jones‘ reporters and editors can help it.”








About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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