Dead man talking. Please listen up, y’all.

Report: Blind, Deaf, Disabled Inmates Abused in Prison | The Texas Tribune

[Otis] Talbert was transferred to a hospital and pronounced “brain dead,” McGiverin wrote in a lawsuit against the prison agency. “For months, the doctors urged his family to take him off life support, saying he had no chance to recover, but they refused.”

Last month, Talbert woke up. He can now speak and read, but cannot move his body. He named several of the officers he said beat him up …

via Report: Blind, Deaf, Disabled Inmates Abused in Prison | The Texas Tribune.

If any mention is made of the responsibility of health care providers to report the abuse of the aged and infirm within the linked article, I’m not finding it. The physicians’ credo, “First, do no harm,” logically extends to not turning a blind eye to ongoing violence by prison guards against healthy inmates, let alone physically or mentally challenged inmates.

Whenever I read about ongoing guard-on-inmate violence within a facility – and the linked article is packed with it – I check on whether the medical care is contracted … it often is.

According to this webpage, UTMB is in charge of medical care at Estelle.

And according to this webpage, UTMB is short for University of Texas Medical Branch Correctional Managed Care.

I hope that the Texas Tribune revisits the story and finds out if Texas taxpayers are funding a university that is negligently allowing abuse of inmates that results in their additionally paying unnecessary medical bills, damages, and costs of investigation and litigation. And if the hospital that Otis Talbert was transferred to was a Texas university hospital, I hope they’ll disclose it. There shouldn’t be any shadow on Talbert being declared brain dead.

If there is state university involvement in the Prison Industrial Complex, it seems the Complex is more complex than anyone could hazard a guess at – that is, anyone aside from state legislators and governors. It can’t stay this way.

We have a monumental, ongoing guard-on-inmate violence scandal here in Florida, and one may be coming to your state very soon. If you can’t find yourself able to care when inmates are beaten or killed by guards, please do the math on how many of your tax dollars the violence flushes away.

For those looking for an understanding of what’s going on in US prisons, I recommend George Mallinckrodt’s book, pictured below, available from Amazon.

Getting Away With Murder - Final


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2 Responses to Dead man talking. Please listen up, y’all.

  1. Heinz Leitner says:

    I will order the book via Amazon for a pen pal on Death Row in Texas. Hopefully he will be allowed to read it and the book will not be censored because of “violation of decency regulations”

    • Thanks so much, Heinz. I share your hope that Getting Away With Murder will land in your friend’s hands; it may provide a bit of comfort to have confirmation that some prison mental health professionals, like Mr. Mallinckrodt and his former Dade Correctional Institution/Corizon associates, care very deeply about what is happening in US prisons.

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