Cases before Moxley while he steered Ashton in Bennett’s persecution

Judge John Dean Moxley was one of Gary Bennett’s original prosecutors. These are the cases he ignored while communicating with then-prosecutor Jeff Ashton, in writing, to keep Gary’s frame-up intact. Gary’s case shouldn’t have been transferred to Ashton’s circuit, as it has used the same charlatan dog handler (John Preston) to prosecute and convict Linroy Bottoson, who was executed in 2002.

The FBI participated in Bottoson’s prosecution. Preston is just one of many charlatan dog handlers that the FBI was involved with. Gary’s freedoms – and many others – are being trampled by the very federal agency that is tasked with ensuring that public corruption doesn’t affect trial outcomes.

As I have a 2004 case that’s still pending before Moxley, I know just how disinterested he is in what he’s currently being paid to do. In 2004, Wilton Dedge fought and won his freedom from a Moxley-tainted frame-up identical to Gary’s. In 2008, Bill Dillon fought and won his freedom from a Moxley-tainted frame-up identical to Gary’s.

Juan Ramos was the first to be freed from a frame-up identical to Gary’s … in 1987. he’s also the only one who’s faced a battle in being paid his exoneration compensation.

There are others just like Gary, Wilton, Bill and Juan. I have noted destruction of records in some of the cases. I found out recently that there was destruction of records in my case, too, after wholly improper notification.

On the first page of what Moxley was supposed to tending to, below, is Thom Fair’s 2007 case, which was still pending the last time I checked. Roger Dale Chapman – the coached informant who testified against Bill Dillon – named Fair as one of the officers who coached him to falsely testify when he publicly apologized to Bill for his false testimony … an apology Chapman has since recanted, apparently for additional prosecutorial favors regarding his re-arrest for running a shake’n’bake meth lab and molesting a minor (replicating original charge he’d gotten a walk on to swear falsely against Bill). The other officer Chapman had named as a coach was Dan Wilmer.







About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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