@AP: @FLGovScott appoints insider to lead Dept of Corrections

Florida governor names new chief for prisons | The Miami Herald

When she retired last May, [Julie] Jones received a lump sum retirement payment of nearly $622,000. She will also start receiving regular retirement payments of $9,730 starting in May 2015.

Jones is replacing Mike Crews, who resigned last month.

via Florida governor names new chief for prisons | The Miami Herald.

Please note that the article above is from the Associated Press, and that the Miami Herald was likely under no obligation to publish it.

The excerpt I chose may be puzzling to many people, as the media is reluctant to effectively call out Florida legislators and governors for buying the loyalty of the highest paid state workers – on an ongoing basis – with a pension loophole that allows those workers to collect salaries and pensions simultaneously, referred to as double dipping … when it’s referred to at all.

There will likely be deep resentment of Julie Jones appointment by rank and file corrections workers, given the years-long pay freeze they labor under. There may even be resentment over Jones previous attempt to privatize license tags … corrections workers know that prison privatization is a factor of their wage freeze.

Increased resentment will likely translate into an escalation of guard-on-inmate abuse, neglect and violence – including homicides.

Given the state of our state, and the state of our prisons, Rick Scott’s job offer should have been conditioned upon Jones not collecting a pension along with her salary … certainly she could have comfortably coasted on her lump sum payout for quite some time.

But Scott doesn’t really care about the state of our state, or our prisons; he only cares about making the already-wealthy even more wealthy.

The media will show its favoritism for Scott in the days ahead as it addresses his conducting state business via emails on Google. Check out this confusing Associated Press article on that subject, which Florida Today was likely under no obligation to print.

I don’t know whether Julie Jones employment with Florida’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles was tainted by the DAVID (a/k/a Facebook for Cops) records access scandal. As years of records were destroyed rather than electronically archived, I suspect she was.

If Jones was involved with the DAVID scandal, surely Rick Scott knew. And it’s almost certain that the Associated Press knew, too.

And if they knew, I’m going to take Jones’ unwise appointment even more personally … I’m one of the Floridians that multiple agencies accessed Facebook for Cops to check on, including the FBI.

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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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