Towards saving Tommy: Defrosting Cold Cases ‘Case of the Month’

Defrosting Cold Cases - Zeigler

Defrosting Cold Cases – Zeigler


Case of the Month: the Zeigler wrongful conviction

… the Zeigler wrongful conviction has been part of my life since 1993 when I started working for Amnesty International in Switzerland.

I am appalled that the injustice endures.

via Case of the Month: the Zeigler wrongful conviction.


In short order in her blog post, Alice at Defrosting Cold Cases laid out enough of the  problems with William “Tommy” Zeigler’s prosecution to make it clear that it was a sham.

There’s much more to the story of framing Tommy, none of which could have happened without media complicity, apologized for by Former Editor-in-Chief of The Orlando Sentinel David Burgin in a To Whom It May Concern letter, which reads in part:

Tommy Zeigler never stood a chance. The newspaper virtually said so.

Burgin described the Sentinel‘s journalism as biased, reprehensibly sloppy, inattentive and arrogant.

Nothing’s changed: The Orlando Sentinel still pumps out, as Burgin pegged it, “the ugliest kind of journalism,” decade after decade … and most newspapers do the exact same thing.

Wishing won’t make newspapers change, but sharing posts that embarrass them just might.

To help free Tommy (and help David Burgin rest in peace), please repost this – at minimum – to Twitter, adding #FreeTommyZ @orlandosentinel.

Thank you.





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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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