FL gerrymandered districts only part of the election-stealing story

Read here: The trove of redistricting documents the Florida GOP fought to keep secret – SaintPetersBlog

On a quiet Sunday before Thanksgiving, and Black Friday only days away, Florida politicos received a wonderful early Christmas present.

With the release of over 500 previously secret documents, a clear picture emerges as to why a Circuit Court judge ruled that the GOP-controlled Florida Legislature violated state laws on redistricting.

via Read here: The trove of redistricting documents the Florida GOP fought to keep secret – SaintPetersBlog.


Gerrymandering districts is only one ploy Florida Republicans used to make the recent election unfair.

To keep untold thousands away from the polls, Governor Rick Scott destroyed Charlie Crist’s semi-automated felon rights restoration process. Unlike Crist, Scott is afraid of voters of color.

Crist was a Republican when he signed the rights restoration process into law. It wasn’t perfect; the requirement of each cabinet member’s signature caused a backlog of tens of thousands of persons having completed the conditions of their release from prison.

Now, even first time felons with no history of violence have little hope now of having their rights restored, ever, although they can begin the complicated process five to seven years after completing the conditions of release.

The media should be harping on delayed rights restoration’s crippling costs to Florida taxpayers … not only do the former felons have to be tracked on paper on the taxpayers’ dimes for no logical reason, they are statistically far more likely to reoffend than those whose rights have been restored.

This – then – is a public safety issue, a civil rights issue, and a a fiscal responsibility issue, none of which those in the pocket of the Prison Industrial Complex care about, including Rick Scott.

The Prison Industrial Complex and the politicians they’ve purchased are picking our pockets while making us less safe, and while engineering future elections outcomes so that they can keep picking our pockets and making us less safe.

Update 11/28/14: Please sign this Watchdog.net petition asking the Justice Department to investigate gerrymandering – http://act.watchdog.net/petitions/4853?r=2035102.9DuJo6. Thank you.



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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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