.@BostonGlobe misleads the pubic re prosecutorial misconduct


Bernard Baran case raises larger question: Should prosecutors answer for their actions? – Editorials – The Boston Globe

The death of Baran last month, at the age of 49, has brought renewed attention to the travesty of his trial and the tragedy of his imprisonment, and rekindled calls for disciplining Ford. Writing on the Globe op-ed page, lawyer Harvey Silverglate, who helped win Baran’s release in 2006, raised the possibility of removing Ford from his current job as a Superior Court judge, a position he has held since 1989.

That’s premature — but Silverglate and Baran’s other supporters are right to seek a full, public inquiry into both the prosecution’s conduct and its decision to try the case in the first place.

via Bernard Baran case raises larger question: Should prosecutors answer for their actions? – Editorials – The Boston Globe.


“That’s premature …”

As if we haven’t got enough sea-to-shining sea scoundrel former prosecutors that are now judges.

And district attorneys. And attorneys general. And justices. And legislators.

God damn every newspaper that doesn’t tell the public – flat out – that IT’S LEGAL FOR PROSECUTORS TO COMMIT MISCONDUCT: THEY HAVE ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY FROM PROSECUTION; the U.S. Supreme court threw equal justice out of our legal system in 1976 in Imbler v Pachtman and refused to reinstate it in Connick V Thompson in 2011.

What The Boston Globe editors calls “premature” is nearly four decades overdue. And they know it.

Corrupt prosecutors face scrutiny from the Bar alone, and the Bar is now nothing but a self-serving mob, collecting tax exempt “protection” dollars like the world’s best-dressed Mafia goons, and dispersing them like the world’s best-dressed Dons.

The Boston Globe praised itself for its role in freeing Bernard Baran, when if it had been appropriately apprising the public all along that PROSECUTORIAL MISCONDUCT IS LEGAL, Baran might never have been framed to begin with, let alone spent 21 years behind bars, 21 years that likely was the most significant contributor to his dying so young.


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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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