Re #FreeCourtneyBisbee: Something’s happening here; what it is ain’t exactly clear.

AZ nurses at risk

I’ve never had so many “hits” in one day on my previous post, Arizona ignoring recantation to keep Courtney Bisbee incarcerated. There were “hits,” too, on a related post: When will Maricopa County, AZ residents wise up?

There’s an obviously related additional anomaly … until today, most of the people that “hit” on either of those posts clicked through to sign the petition link to Help free an innocent Mom – Courtney Bisbee.

Today, hardly anyone clicked through to the petition.

That can only mean one thing: today’s record “hits” on posts concerning Courtney Bisbee are by those who are interested in preserving false convictions in order to protect public servants that not only don’t serve the public, but deliberately ruin and end innocent lives … which makes them the most vicious and dangerous of all public enemies.

These public enemy/public servants have mighty, mighty friends in the mendacious mainstream media, well-evidenced in Courtney Bisbee’s as well other framed Arizonans cases by the meandering “reporting” of the Arizona Republic and its Arizona affiliates.

Mega-merged, mogul-dominated media empires – like Gannett – are now election engineering on international scale, and what’s best for their subscribers is of no consequence to them.

None whatsoever.

Were it otherwise, Gannett’s Arizona Republic would have led the battle cry to free Courtney Bisbee, Gannett’s Detroit Free Press would have led the battle cry to free Davontae Sanford, Gannett’s Florida Today would have led the battle cry to free Gary Bennett, and each would have called in Gannett’s USA Today for backup, when necessary.

Gannett newspapers pretend that the justice system works, while the same old corrupt public servants that continually endanger and defraud you with frame-ups and coverups remain on the job, and – quite logically – handle every task at hand just as corruptly as they handle criminal justice activities.

Gannett self-fetters, and it’s proven very profitable.

But being a Gannett investor puts as much blood on your hands as it does money in your bank.

Towards putting an end to bloody media empires, please consider signing on to receive emailed action alerts from

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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