Corizon: Murder by maximization of profits. Taxpayers pick up tab.


Punishment by neglect | Political Animal | Creative Loafing Tampa

There are serious issues with Corizon, however, that Florida health officials either didn’t know about or ignored when they authorized the company to take over all health services for the DOC in the northern part of Florida in 2013 — like the fact that the company had been sued over 600 times for malpractice in the previous five years …

Henry Carvajal says he remembers when he received the call from doctors in Jacksonville, and was initially thrilled that his son was finally getting some care. “Finally, they’re giving him some help,” he said to himself. But the nurse on the other line wasn’t finished. “Bad news,” she continued. “He’s got cancer that’s metastasized, and he doesn’t have more than two months to live.”

via Punishment by neglect | Political Animal | Creative Loafing Tampa.


Corporations have become accustomed to getting away with maiming and murdering under the guise of a legal obligation to maximize profits.

Damages for maiming and murdering aren’t awarded automatically, and it isn’t cheap to conduct any trial, let alone a trial where the defendant is so accustomed to being sued that they not only know every trick in the book, they’ve likely invented a few.

In wasted docket time alone, Floridians will lose far more than the 7% that was allegedly saved by contracting with Corizon.

The damages will be over and above that cost.

Here’s hoping that Eric Holder’s successor will make it clear that maiming and murdering to maximize profits will land corporate officers and directors behind bars along with other homicidal criminals, but with all their assets forfeited, given the conspiratorial nature of their crimes.

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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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