TX: Objecting to “ass on the glass” leads to solitary confinement.

Lawsuit: Bartlett State Jail allowed assault, hazing | http://www.statesman.com

A former prisoner who says he was sexually assaulted during a hazing ritual at the Bartlett State Jail has sued the company that operates it.

The federal lawsuit was filed Wednesday against the Corrections Corporation of America and also against jail warden Eduardo Carmona and jail officer John Roe. It alleges that the jail is chronically understaffed and that officers are not adequately trained to prevent and stop sexual assault and sexual hazing.

via Lawsuit: Bartlett State Jail allowed assault, hazing | www.statesman.com.


And from MySanAntonio.com:

The suit also claims that the prison’s warden and officers have long known about “ass on the glass” but have done nothing to stop it. The company purposefully understaffs the prison to “maximize profits,” the suit claims …

According to the lawsuit, the defendant reported the incident to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice’s Inspector General and subsequently was placed in solitary confinement by CCA.

The math of privatization is unworkable: You can’t simply involve more people than are necessary to any delivery of any service and save taxpayers money, especially when those unnecessary people include:

  • greedy, under-taxed (or untaxed) investors, seeking dividends in the form of your tax dollars
  • generous lobbyists at the state and federal level, buying additional influence with previously received privatization dollars … your tax dollars.
  • overcompensated officers and directors … paid with  your tax dollars..

Privatization of prison facilities, prison healthcare, prison meals, prison phone services, prison money transfers, etc., were all morally as well as mathematically D.O.A. … it’s time to declare them legally dead.


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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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