Huron Valley, MI women’s prison allegedly tortures mentally ill inmates

Mentally Ill Inmates At Michigan Womens Prison Report They Were Hog Tied Naked, Deprived Of Water | ThinkProgress

Mentally ill at Michigan’s only women’s prison are deprived of food and water for days, and even “hog tied” naked as punishment, according to the accounts of several witnesses compiled by the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan.

Witness reports include particular abuse against mentally ill inmates who are placed in solitary confinement. Inmates reported that the water had been shut off in confinement units, while guards rejected inmates’ water requests for days. At least one inmate who reported this treatment was taken to the hospital last month after she was found non-responsive in her cell.

via Mentally Ill Inmates At Michigan Womens Prison Report They Were Hog Tied Naked, Deprived Of Water | ThinkProgress.


Hogtying inmates seems to be pretty popular in Michigan.

Among guards’ other abuses, developmentally disabled, half-blind teenager Davontae Sanford was hogtied at a different facility.

Adding to his family’s pain is the fact that Davontae is innocent … one of the actual killers has confessed, and named his accomplice.

It’s likely that many (if not most) of the incarcerated mentally ill are guilty only of exhibiting symptoms of being mentally ill. Putting those individuals behind bars isn’t being tough on crime … it is instead the commission of multiple crimes, including expensive frauds on the public.

Update 9/9/14: Former Dade Correctional Institution/Corizon psychotherapist George Mallinckrodt informed me that Huron Valley Women’s Complex is another Corizon privatized healthcare customer. Mallinckrodt is the author of Getting Away With Murder, a book about the conditions at Dade CI that led to mentally ill inmate Darren Rainey being scalded to death by guards.

Getting Away With Murder - Final

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