Gretl Plessinger’s dual role in the gassing death of inmate Randall Jordan-Arparo.

After Florida inmate’s lethal gassing, claims of cover-up – Political Currents –

The FDLE report said: “Though inmate Jordan-Aparo did complain numerous times of medical problems commencing four 4 days prior to this death, it is not the scope of this criminal investigation to address those issues.”

That was based on the information available at that time, said FDLE spokeswoman Gretl Plessinger. When new information became available, the case was reopened and it remains active, she said Saturday.

via After Florida inmate’s lethal gassing, claims of cover-up – Political Currents –

Offender Picture

Randall Jordan-Aparo’s sentence was less than two years. He didn’t survive it.

There’s an insurmountable conflict in Gretl Plessinger commenting currently to the Miami Herald for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement on Randall Jordan-Aparo’s hideous guard-on-inmate gassing death.

Gretl Plessinger was employed by the Florida Department of Corrections when it was time for them to issue press releases about Randall Jordan-Aparo’s death. That was her job.

As well-informed Floridians know, state agency switching can be highly lucrative once one has spent the often ridiculously short time it takes to become vested in some state agency’s pensions. It’s called double dipping (or triple-dipping), and the legislated loophole is referred to as DROP … I’ve written about it most recently in regards to having Howard Tipton foisted on my county – St. Lucie – after his stints in Orange County and Brevard County, both notoriously corrupt.

Did Gretl Plessinger switch from one agency to the other so she, too, could lap at the legislated loophole pool and receive pension benefits and a salary at the same time? Or did she switch agencies to get the hell away from the likes of me? We’d communicated unsatisfactorily about the treatment inmates were receiving; she seemed annoyed that I didn’t want my tax dollars spent on making sick inmates sicker, or extending incarceration by denying parole based on B.S.

While I’m grateful that the Miami Herald returned to hitting hard at guard-on-inmate abuse, I’m far from a happy camper, and not because Plessinger apparently pulled one over on them; I’m pretty sure the paper will fix that.

What can’t be fixed is this: the lovely Ms. Maxine died today, without getting to see her framed son – Gary Bennett – walk free.

Gary’s wrongful conviction – identical to that of three other Brevard men who’ve already been freed – impoverished Ms. Maxine, ruined her health, and forced her to learn to live with ungodly evils, like Plessinger’s indifference to Gary’s unnecessary seizures from arbitrary medication deprivation, like prosecutor Jeff Ashton’s seedy slurs, like prosecutor John Dean Moxley putting known scent charlatan John Preston on the stand, like judge John Dean Moxley’s illegal ex-parte letters to Ashton. The state’s lawlessness was topped with the unbearably sad burden of knowing that newspapers don’t write news that’s inconvenient to election engineering, and innocence organizations aren’t all that innocent … all that one of the other would ever have had to do to free Gary was to pursue the stinky “scent evidence” paper trail begun by then-Florida Governor Bob Graham in 1984.

Ms. Maxine deserves to rest in peace, with the wealth she would have accumulated restored to her family. She sent Gary $70 per month for 30.75 years, and paid fees to do so – sometimes in excess of 11%. That’s $25,850 before the fees are added in. Then there’s the expensive phone calls. Then there’s the pain and suffering of knowing that everyone who was paid to be on her son’s side was instead eager for him to just die already, with his name still sullied.

The forfeited accumulated assets and (often multiple) pensions of Florida’s pretend public servants can be used to compensate their victims.

By far the biggest tab must be issued to Bob Graham. Graham served for ten years on the U.S. Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee, and it was his job to make sure the FBI adhered to their mandate to investigate the likes of charlatan dog handler John Preston, not continue the coverup he’d initiated in 1984 as Florida’s governor. It will take a small fortune to find out how and if the Graham family’s ownership of the Washington Post‘s affected their truthfulness about Graham’s actions in the Florida legislature, governors mansion and in the U.S. Senate.

God bless Ms. Maxine, and her whole grieving, persecuted, robbed-blind, taxed-without-representation family. God protect Gary Bennett while the war of words continues, until right beats might. Towards that end, God damn Bob Graham quickly, so Gary Bennett can walk free, and Ms. Maxine can rest in peace.


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