Who do [did] I believe? Yacucci. Smith’s apparently a PAC-man. [updated, yet again]

6/29/17 update: In browsing Tweets after being ill for a few days, I came across one from the Florida Supreme Court in regards to the Yacucci/Smith matter. In typical #LoveFL fashion (our public servants believe they do Floridians a favor by cashing paychecks from us while acting in their own best interests), the link posted with the Tweet leads to the Court’s webpage. The Yacucci matter is listed on the site under “Press Updates for June 29, 2017,” but clicking on the link won’t bring you to a Press Update. It will instead bring you to the docket for Yacucci’s case, where you must scroll down and find June 29, 2017. When you do find it and click on it, it won’t open a page of information that you can easily share … it will download a pdf. At the end of that lengthy pdf, you will find that Yacucci was disciplined, as follows: (1) a public reprimand; (2) a 30 day suspension without pay; (3) a refresher course in judicial ethics to be completed within one year; and (4) the cost of these proceedings. Note that Yacucci being discipline does NOT make Smith a good guy, by any stretch of the imagination. All that Yacucci’s displinary matter signifies is that electing judges is not working well for Florida now, and likely never has. At all.

5/22/17 update: In researching how to file formal complaints against Florida judge John Dean Moxley, I tripped over Steven Smith’s formal complaint about Philip Yacucci’s behaviors towards him yet again. There apparently were documents that I didn’t see the last time I looked, in December of 2016. Now that I understand more of the story, per the findings of the Florida Supreme Court [http://jweb.flcourts.org/pls/docket/ds_docket?p_caseyear=2016&p_casenumber=2178], my opinion has changed. I now no longer believe either Yacucci or Smith should be a local judge. I also believe that Florida’s 19th Judicial Circuit will remain a hot mess of improprieties, controversy and/or lawlessness at least until State Attorney Bruce Colton leaves office [http://www.sao19.org/office_overview.htm], or until Floridians demand – successfully – that the number of state attorneys be increased to reflect population increases, diminishing the chances of that the congealed corruption between a greater number of state attorney offices can continue in perpetuity.
12/24/16 update: I perhaps should have known by the frequent “hits” on the two-year-old post below that our predatory public servants were seeking vengeance for Stephen Smith’s PAC-funded failure to unseat Judge Yacucci. Barack Obama had eight years of opportunities to clean up Florida: if he’d done what he’d swore to do (twice), I’d be Tweeting about interior and garden design, not public corruption … I’d be pursuing happiness all over the place.

PSL police investigating report of disturbance between county judicial candidates – Story

PORT ST. LUCIE — Police officers are investigating an altercation during early voting Friday between two candidates facing each other in Tuesday’s primary election in a heated St. Lucie County judge’s race.

Officers responded about 11:30 a.m. to a report of a disturbance between incumbent Judge Philip J. Yacucci Jr. and lawyer Stephen Smith 100 feet away from an early voting polling place at the Port St. Lucie Community Center at 2195 S.E. Airoso Blvd., said police spokesman Sgt. Frank Sabol.

via PSL police investigating report of disturbance between county judicial candidates – Story.


I received a flyer a couple of days ago from Concerned Citizens for Judicial Fairness, Inc. promoting Stephen Smith to replace incumbent Judge Philip Yacucci here in Florida’s 19th judicial circuit.

Four pages of full color, on quality stock paper. Lots of pictures. Lots of bold print. I wasn’t impressed.

It says that Smith is a native Floridian, which only counts if you’re a Seminole Indian. It also says that Smith’s a sworn officer – somewhere, and a prosecutor – somewhere, and a college legal professor at “State Police Academy” – which Google searches reveal as yet another somewhere.

So exactly who or what is this Concerned Citizens for Judicial Fairness, Inc. of Miami, Florida, which is so eager to see Stephen Smith replace Philip Yacucci?

Here’s who and what:

Personal injury attorneys and a litigious South Florida insurance company are waging war in Miami-Dade judicial races through political action committees.

Miami-based United Automobile Insurance Co. formed a political action committee dubbed Citizens for Judicial Fairness in July.

So, there you have it.

I believe Yaccuci, because I believe Smith sold out.

And I’ll keep on believing Yaccuci no matter what Scripps “reports” on the Port St Lucie Police Department’s investigation of the confrontation between Yaccuci and Smith, because: 1) I went before Scripps News and Editorial Boards on July 14, 2009, and found out first hand that they’re simply not interested in justice being available anywhere in Florida, even if it keeps killers on the streets while innocents serve their sentences; 2) Scripps has no commitment to factual reporting, they prefer he said/she said stenography that allows shadowy participation in shaping the outcomes of elections, 3) I’ve corresponded with the Port St Lucie Police Department about their using DAVID – a/k/a Florida Facebook for Cops – to check on me, and found no reassurance in the involved officer’s too-vague-for-law-enforcement physical description of the alleged other Susan Chandler they were supposedly checking on.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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2 Responses to Who do [did] I believe? Yacucci. Smith’s apparently a PAC-man. [updated, yet again]

  1. Thanks, Susan! I personally know Phil Yacucci & his family. He is a good man with a good reputation & record in our county. He deserves to be re-elected. He works hard & knows his job. He is fair, open & honest. That counts more than politics & money. Some of the stuff that’s been flung at him is hurtful not just to Phil, but to his children. Thanks for posting this!


  2. Although I would love to have the confidence you have in Phil Yacucci, Maria, I am too acutely aware of Florida’s entrenched corruption for my vote for him or any other candidate to mean anything other than reacting to the potential for escalating the corruption when the mainstream media promotes candidates – primarily by omission – that have untoward ties to special interests, as Stephen Smith apparently does.

    If there truly are good men and women already holding elected positions – especially in the judiciary – they need to act to relieve us of existing corruption. Silence is not a “professional courtesy;” it is collusion. It should not fall to the victims of corruption to find a means to its end.


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