AP: FDLE to oversee @FL_Corrections. Yeah, that’ll work. NOT.


Richard Mair – final Florida Department of Corrections photo

Florida corrections officials vow reforms

Department of Corrections Secretary Mike Crews said Tuesday [8/19/14] that news stories report the agency has “fallen short in specific instances with regard to facility leadership, safety, security, training and services for mentally ill inmates.” He says they are “fixing the problems that have been identified.”

Crews will give the Florida Department of Law Enforcement authority to investigate deaths at prison facilities that are the result of any non-natural causes. That includes 82 active cases.

via Florida corrections officials vow reforms.


There are so many holes in this story that were it made of swiss cheese, it would take a chunk the size of two city blocks to weigh a pound.

And I may be being too kind to the Associated Press in that assessment.

Corruption is a core principle of both the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Florida Department of Corrections.

I’ve written – repeatedly – about Brevard County deputy Gary Harrell unsuccessfully attempting to solicit false testimony from two Brevard jail inmates against still-framed Jeffrey Abramowski, with one of those inmates – Richard Mair – committing suicide after tucking a telling note into his boxer shorts … a note that if Dade Correctional Institution corrections officers had caught him writing, may well have scalded him to death like they did Darren Rainey the year before.

The Miami Herald published excerpts from Richard Mair’s note, but haven’t been brave enough to print the note in its entirety. Nor has the Miami Herald been brave enough to print Richard Mair’s sworn statement about deputy Harrell and Jeff Abramowski, although now in possession of it. They’re also in possession of the other inmate’s statement who said “no” to falsely testifying against Abramowski.

Gary Harrell’s behavior – of course – falls under the jurisdiction of the FDLE. The reason they don’t give a flying f*ck that Harrell broke laws towards achieving Abramowski’s false conviction is that they’ve given given a flying f*ck about Brevard officers framing innocents, dating back decades.

They won’t be made to, because the FBI is in on the FDLE’s conviction corruption. They participated in prosecutions using DNA-discredited dog handlers, including John Preston, who was Brevard officers and prosecutors go-to guy for frame-ups for many years, upon the recommendation of Orange County, who used Preston (with FBI participation) in Linroy Bottoson’s prosecution. Bottoson was executed in 2002, twenty (20) years after Preston had been federally discredited in Dale Sutton’s case.

Bottoson was a schizophrenic. By 2002, John Preston’s testimony against him had been discredited not only by Dale Sutton’s upset conviction, but by Juan Ramos upset conviction, in which Brevard Judge Gilbert Goshorn had skill tested Preston. (He flunked.) That added to the direct testimony on Bottoson’s behalf by Orange County deputy Greer.

Suspicious Florida Department of Corrections deaths won’t get proper attention by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (or the FBI, or the Justice Department) until the phone-it-in/get-it-wrong mainstream media decides to instead dig in until they get a story right, which will be about 10 seconds after the FCC announces the intention to dismantle lazy, crazy, mega-merged misinformation machines.

To have the FCC announcement come as soon as possible – ending swiss cheese “reporting” – please sign up to receive FAIR’s action alerts on this page:


Thank you.

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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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