Miami Herald misplaces conscience, enters spin cycle for Dade CI inmate deaths

Miami-Dade prison riddled with problems, internal audits say – Miami-Dade –

One month after the new warden took over at the troubled Dade Correctional Institution, Les Odom announced a series of upgrades designed to overhaul the state prison while addressing a number of “lapses” in proper management.

via Miami-Dade prison riddled with problems, internal audits say – Miami-Dade –


Here’s the comment I posted to the article:


On August 1st, the Miami Herald published Julie Brown’s story of inmate Lavar Valentin’s being murdered at Dade CI on July 28th (likely by the cellmate from whom he had REQUESTED TO BE KEPT SAFE FROM, only to be ignored).Brown’s headline said, “Dade Correctional back in spotlight after strangling.”Ann Choi turned that spotlight off with this spin-filled article, obscuring that fact that – with Odom on the job – Dade CI staff is still experiencing insurmountable difficulty in keeping inmates breathing.

Lavar Valentin was 5’8″ and just 116 pounds. His sentence was six years, not death, and he’d already served over half of it.


The Miami Herald doesn’t merely disappoint with this article, it disgusts. Lavar Valentin was only 35 years old.


Offender Picture


It’s time for the Miami Herald to publish Richard Mair’s suicide note from 2013 – which they’ve published excerpts from – along with the story of how Mair could have avoided prison simply by being a jailhouse snitch at Brevard County’s bidding, like Roger Dale Chapman.
Chapman readily snitched against William Dillon at the behest of Brevard; Dillon spent 27 years behind bars until DNA cleared him. Richard Mair not only refused to snitch against Jeffrey Abramowsi, he provided Jeff with a sworn statement about Brevard Sheriff Deputy Gary Harrell’s attempts and tempting offer. A second Brevard jail inmate refused to testify against Jeff, too, but that didn’t prevent Brevard from framing him, with the state misrepresenting DNA test results to do so.
The first picture below is shortly after Richard Mair first went to prison, the second is shortly before he took himself out … after tucking his tell-all suicide note into his boxer shorts. The pictures were only about five years apart, although they look like twenty.
Richard Mair was just 43. Like Lavar Valentin, he was too young to die. Especially not a death of desperation over unending abuse from prison guards, knowing that they’d gotten away with scalding mentally ill, 50-year-old Darren Rainey to death.
Getting Away With Murder - Final
If you agree with me that the Miami Herald shouldn’t in any way help the Florida Department of Corrections get away with murder, please sign this petition calling for a federal investigation of Darren Rainey’s death:

And please share this post. Thank you.

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  1. Please bear with me – I will likely have to switch browsers, restart the anti-virus software and repair computer “permissions” repeatedly to get the photos I pasted into to this post to show up. I more than suspect that if I’d written decorating tips about how to make your ceilings appear higher, there’d had been no difficulty pasting pictures at all.


  2. I have succeeded in getting the pictures to stay in the post, but I’ve failed in making the paragraphs or their spacing stay put … my apologies for the appearance.


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