A tale of two suicides: Robin Williams; Richard Mair

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Richard Mair tried to help his fellow Florida prison inmates before taking his own life.

Behind bars, a brutal and unexplained death – Miami-Dade – MiamiHerald.com

The inmate/orderly, a convicted burglar named Harold Hempstead serving a decades-long sentence, filed repeated formal complaints, beginning in January 2013, with the DOC inspector general, alleging that prison guards subjected inmates — housed in the mental health unit — to extreme physical abuse and withheld food from some who became unruly. The complaints were sent back, most with a short, type-written note saying the appeal was being returned “without action” or had already been addressed.

In September, another inmate was found dead inside his cell. Richard Mair, 40, hanged himself from an air conditioning vent.

According to the police report, Mair left a suicide note in his boxer shorts claiming he and other prisoners were sexually and physically abused on a routine basis by guards.

via Behind bars, a brutal and unexplained death – Miami-Dade – MiamiHerald.com.


Robin Williams’ impromptu visits to hospitalized children, his trips overseas to entertain troops, his Comic Relief fundraising for the homeless … all this and much more is being nostalgically reviewed by the media in light of his suicide.

Richard Mair didn’t fare as well. So far as I know, there was no media mention of his September 2013 suicide – despite his cleverly concealed suicide note – until his death was connected with reporting this year about the incomprehensibly brutal 2012 scalding homicide of Darren Rainey.

Please read every word about Mair’s suicide note in Julie Brown’s Miami Herald article linked above.

Every. Single. Word.

Because Richard Mair’s detailed suicide note outing Dade Correctional Institution’s abuses of mentally ill inmates was his last stand against Florida’s abuse of authority … not his first.

Mair’s last stand – if given proper attention by federal authorities – will serve to protect almost every Florida inmate from being criminally abused by corrections personnel in the future.

Mair’s first stand against authority – if given no media attention at all – may have the opposite affect on a couple of Florida inmates.

So pretend I’m the media, not a disabled decorator, and – in the knowledge of  actual reporter Julie Brown’s portrayal of Mair’s last stand – read his first:

Jeffrey Charles Abramowski is not guilty of the homicide of Cortney Crandall, and not only by Richard Mair’s assertion.

Per factual interpretation of DNA, Judy Foley and her son Michael Bruce Foley killed Crandall. They fled Florida after the killing; there were in possession of Crandall’s vehicle, custom jewelry and personal papers.

Perjured testimony about DNA implicated Jeff; only two of 15 markers were a match, and two of 15 is never, ever a “hit.” I worked at Harris Corporation in the mid 1990’s and was solely responsible for gathering law enforcement input on NCIC 2000, which was to integrate all technologies like never before. It was my job to duly record how many and which DNA markers law enforcement agencies from all over the nation wanted to be used.

The state claimed that one of Jeff’s markers – a variant 17.3 at marker D18S51 – was entirely unique. According to paternity tests of record with the federal government, 17.3 at D18S51 is as common as a head cold, appearing in one out of 16,650 males in paternity tests.


There’s more to the story. There’s the bogus testimony about Jeff Abramowksi purchasing a pocketknife that took the assistance of Navy SEAL legend Chief “Patches” Watson to indisputably refute. Were he still with us, Chief would bellow at me for not calling the knife a folder blade, as he designed and manufactured his own … he designed a lot of military equipment. Chief helped me prove that Jeff’s purchase was in Orlando at a specialty store, not at a Melbourne Walmart, as portrayed by additionally perjured testimony.

Richard Mair’s sentence was likely affected by his defiance of Brevard County Sheriff’s deputy Gary Harrell. For all I know, he may have been innocent. Brevard’s penchant for framing innocents with perjured jailhouse informant and officer testimony is hardly a state secret after Juan Ramos, Wilton Dedge and William Dillon’s respective exonerations (1987, 2004, 2008). 

FEDS KNOW HOW ROTTEN BREVARD IS, particularly the FBI, which participated in a prosecution involving the same charlatan dog handler – John Preston – that Brevard used to frame Ramos, Dedge, Dillon and an unknown number of others. It resulted in the execution of hapless schizophrenic Linroy Bottoson TWENTY YEARS AFTER PRESTON WAS FEDERALLY DISCREDITED in Dale Sutton’s case.

THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA KNOWS HOW ROTTEN BREVARD IS, particularly Florida Today and mothership USA Today, who prefer engineering election outcomes to publishing the truth on any given situation. Upstanding public servants are of absolutely no value to gigantic Gannett – you can’t facilitate even one additional merger that defies the public’s best interests with upstanding public servants in your way, for crying out loud. Who needs ’em?

Richard Mair was not the only inmate that Brevard approached to provide false testimony against Jeff. The other man put his words in writing, too.

Richard can no longer be abused by anyone, but Jeff and the other man who said “no” are both in danger, and so am I. For all I know, that other inmate may be innocent, too. Brevard has specialized in frame-ups since the early 1980’s … they had decades of experience when it came time to try Jeff, Richard and the other inmate.

By simply sharing this post, every reader has the power to help protect Brevard’s framed inmates, those who refused to help frame inmates, as well as those of us that are advocating for the framed. Please do share this post. Thank you. 

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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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  1. I had to switch browsers to get WordPress to accept Richard Mair’s statement on Jeff Abramowski’s behalf – in any format – as well as a copy of the single relevant page of the linked government DNA report.

    If either is unclear, please request copies via comment, and I will email them. Thank you.


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