58 private hits on previous “Someone very close to you wants you dead!!!” post

The “Croc Ass Killer” email I received, forwarded to the FBI and blogged about was only frightening to those who didn’t understand that it was a mass email … people slightly less computer-savvy than I am, people who might actually be frightened enough to respond to the email, and send money. Protecting them was the purpose of forwarding the email to the FBI.

I can tell (via my blog stats) when the email is recirculating … there are hits on the old blog post generated from openly using words from the threatening email as search terms. It happens fairly often, which very likely means that its godawful author does make money from it. Therefore, each recirculation really ticks me off, because the FBI could and should have stopped it.

The 58 “hits” this on the old post this past week didn’t tick me off, because they weren’t any open search terms used to “hit” the old blog post … which means the nasty email isn’t recirculating and frightening a whole new group of people. That leads to the the logic that the 58 private “hits” are likely from 58 cowards, attempting to frighten me with my own stats, because it just isn’t credible that 58 FBI agents are finally investigating the old, incredible (yet apparently profitable) emailed death threat while it isn’t in the process of being recirculated, especially not by Googling it … anyone that received the email and saved it has the intact, informative headers to send to the FBI, like I did.

The first Summary from my blog stats below shows the top three blog post “hits” on my blog for the past week, showing the 58 “hits” and another unusual circumstance: A statistically inordinate number of hits on my Home page/Archives … again sans search terms.

The second Summary below shows the top three search words for the past week, verifying my assertions about the first Summary.

The third summary shows another anomaly … although the U.S. is always the top “hit” on my blog, the days of the U.S. being more than 87% of the “hits” were gone, until this week.

Public servants that don’t serve the public don’t like my blog posts, or me, and I got their message years ago when I had my first blog … a 58-private person update was just another likely waste of their time on the public’s dime.



2014-07-25 to Today





2014-07-25 to Today

Search Views
elliott “bud” yorke 2
brevard county clerk of courts use of gary stanley 1
sex bat/minor,fam/cust auth explained 1


Top Views by Country for 7 days ending 2014-08-01 (Summarized)



Country Views
United States FlagUnited States 295



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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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