.@FLGovScott, @TheJusticeDept: Investigate Paul Hildwin’s “release” from death row – updated

Update 7/19/18:

Update 2/13/17: A friend asked me for a list of those I was advocating for today. My memory is damaged by seizures and seizure medications, so I had to search my blog for information. In doing so, I checked and found that Paul Hildwin “release” is still a sham; his Florida Corrections “Stated Residence Upon Release” – 18900 Cortez Boulevard, Brooksville, Florida – is the address of the HERNANDO COUNTY SHERIFF’s OFFICE. I’ve placed his current detention information, bearing this date, at the bottom of this post.
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Paul Hildwin

BREAKING: Florida Death Row Inmate Paul Hildwin Freed From Death Row

As of this writing he has been transferred to the Hernando County, Florida Detention Center where his hold is listed as “REMAND; HOLD; CIVIL; FEDERAL CHARGE; NO CCH ENTRY.”  You can view this by clicking HERE.  You may need to click image twice to enlarge.

via BREAKING: Florida Death Row Inmate Paul Hildwin Freed From Death Row.

DNA evidence and hidden-from-the-defense eyewitness testimony said that Paul Hildwin told the truth over 28 years ago: He stole a check; he didn’t murder anyone, he never belonged on death row.

By the hiding of witnesses, it’s rather obvious that Hildwin’s 28 years on death row were a fraud on Floridians. A fraud that is ongoing, and – apparently – escalating.

Instead of flat freeing Hildwin, the Florida Supreme Court ordered a retrial, offering prosecutors a second chance to engineer more misconduct to reframe Hildwin.

And apparently feds are going to aid prosecutors that endeavor.

If you’re surprised by that, you’re very new to looking at Florida’s conviction corruption. It’s riddled with aiding and abetting from feds.

Current Hernando County Sheriff Al Neinhaus is a Governor Charlie Crist appointee, even though Florida sheriffs are elected. He’s also an FBI National Academy graduate.

And the FBI is dirty.

As usual, I’m not the originator of the assertion … I remain merely a sporadically operable fountain of secondhand information.

The originator of the most forceful assertion that the FBI is dirty is U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy, via a press release on FBI Oversight issued on March 27, 2007.  It was a three page release, and it was chock full of damnation, including this:

The pattern of incompetence and lack of accountability within the Department and at the Bureau is also on display with the FBI’s treatment of its own equipment and weapons. Another recent report by the Justice Department’s Inspector General found that the FBI cannot account for 160 laptop computers and an equal number of weapons that were lost or stolen over a three-and a-half year period.


Of course, this alone sheds a saner, clearer light on Snowden’s four, not-lost laptops, along with his (and many others) whistleblowing, as well as being trained by the FBI for anything … but as I wrote earlier and will repeat, Leahy’s three page press release was chock full of damnation.

Knowing – secondhand – what I know of the FBI in addition to Leahy’s scathing press release, I wonder how Leahy reached the conclusion that the 160 laptops and 160 weapons were “lost or stolen” when other FBI behaviors suggest it is more likely that they were sold.

There is a very recent article in The Washington Post about the FBI’s dirty forensics.

It is in your best interests to ignore it.


And know that the more honest 2012 article portrays 40 rather than 20 years of faux FBI hair analysis taught nationwide rather than kept as proprietary forensics, it still leaves gaping holes in the portrayal of the FBI’s nationwide forensics conviction corruption: it does not mention the FBI’s discredited Comparative Bullet Lead Analysis, the FBI’s discredited fiber analysis, the FBI’s involvement with DNA-discredited dog handlers, and much more. It was FBI “expert” testimony that portrayed Hildwin’s fluids as a match to the homicide for which he’s already wrongfully served 28 years.

So who really belongs in prison … Hildwin, or that FBI “expert?” How about the prosecutors (and perhaps officers) who hid witnesses testimony that would have cleared Hildwin? How about whoever is behind “REMAND; HOLD; CIVIL; FEDERAL CHARGE; NO CCH ENTRY?” How about Florida governors – like Bob Graham, Jeb Bush, Charlie Crist and Rick Scott – that let their constituents pockets be picked to warehouse innocents while they remain in danger from actual killers? How about U.S. Senators – including Bob Graham – that serve on Intelligence Oversight and let intelligence be corrupt and stupid? Paul Hildwin’s Florida death row story is William “Tommy” Zeigler’s story, and Kris Maharaj’s story, and Crosley Green’s story, and Shorty Aguirre’s story, and Linroy Bottoson’s story, and Gerald Stano’s story, and so on, and so on, and so on …  that Florida holds the national death row exoneration record does not in any way signify that justice is available. The exact opposite is true.

With U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s silent permission, the U.S. Supreme Court’s more specific permission (Chief Justice John Roberts washing his hands of reviewing Tommy Zeigler’s new evidence), the Bar’s continual IRS-approved absentmindedness about their SCOTUS-assigned responsibility to address public attorney misconduct (with that amnesia shared by major “innocence” organizations), and the media’s willing assistance in making every last hideous bit of all of this seem all-American, Florida’s “public servants” message to those that pay their wages remains the same, decade after decade:

We bury innocence and we bury innocents, and when you fight us, you’re not fighting City Hall – you’re fighting corrupt feds, and all their corrupt friends. So shut up and pay your taxes, suckers … buy another newspaper, watch another newscast, and stay as stupid as you are. You’ll get your precious “unfettered press” and “equal protection under the law” and “taxation with representation” all right … in the afterlife.

If you’re not okay with that message, please share this post, and call out Rick Scott and Eric Holder. Thank you.

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