Conviction Corruption Alert! Judicial buzzwords “will allow limited DNA testing” in play in TX.

This photo provided by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice shows death row inmate Rodney Reed. Reed was convicted in 1988 on a capital murder charge in Bastrop County for the strangling of a Central Texas woman who he claimed was his secret girlfriend. (AP Photo/Texas Department of Criminal Justice) Photo: Courtesy Photo/Texas Department Of Criminal Justice / Texas Department of Criminal Jus

Texas judge sets execution date for Rodney Reed – Houston Chronicle

A Texas judge has set an execution date for a death row inmate convicted of raping and murdering a 19-year-old woman …

Reeds family claims prosecutors withheld evidence during the trial …

Shaver says he will allow limited DNA testing.

via Texas judge sets execution date for Rodney Reed – Houston Chronicle.


William “Tommy” Zeigler was allowed limited DNA testing. It blew Orange County, Florida prosecutors’ theory of the crime right out of the water. And because it did, Tommy wasn’t allowed any further DNA testing.

Of course, the prosecutors’ theory of the crime was carefully woven around the evidence and witnesses they’d withheld and conjured up, which you’d never know from reading the Orlando Sentinel – it stands by every ridiculous rush to judgement their lazy reporters and editors foisted on the public – including their four-reporter story that John Dobbs killed a black man in a racially motivated crime … John Dobbs is black, not his multiple attackers.

As a result of lousy justice resulting from lousy reporting, John and Tommy both remain incarcerated – on the 16th, Tommy endured a 38th anniversary of being innocent and on death row.

Whenever any justice-loving citizen hears or reads the words “allow limited DNA testing” in vapid he said/she said stenographic reporting like the content of the linked article above, they should automatically know that there is likely a crime in progress by prosecutors, with judicial and mainstream media approval, one that may require their assistance not to have result in a wrongful execution.

Please see my previous “Towards saving Tommy” posts, and share those posts as well as this one on social media. The mainstream media is interested in pliable public servants, the type that will allow the FCC to remain an “Industry Captured” agency that will let the mogul-dominated media keep portraying their views as news, views that will serve their other corporate interests inordinately well. Thank you.

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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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