Florida Today is in spin cycle FOR violent judge.

Viera judge Murphy offers public apology

“There may not be words strong enough to express the regret I have over my actions of June 2 — not because of the consequences to me but because it was wrong and may have tarnished the reputation of the entire judiciary,” Judge John C. Murphy wrote in a Sunday afternoon open letter to Brevard County residents …

“I am very happy to get back to work. I thank all the judges, lawyers, military, church friends, and the public who have shown their support for me because they know the true John Murphy.”

via Viera judge Murphy offers public apology.



Consequences? What consequences??

Brevard County Judge John C. Murphy was back on a bench within the very month he initiated a physical attack on a public defense attorney. Why would Florida Today print such a nonsensical, non-apologetic apology?

It’s more than force of habit with Gannett publications. They habitually whitewash all manner of corrupt, incompetent, violent and/or callous public servants, decade after decade, in every market they’re in, not just Brevard. Controlling election outcomes is how publishers that should be driven out of business instead become international behemoths.

As a result of Florida Today‘s whitewash, Brevard County residents are so brainwashed – per the video – that they clap for judicial misconduct. Misinformed Brevard residents repeatedly vote for people who belong in prison, not in public service (circuit judges, public defenders and state attorneys are elected here, not appointed).

Of course, Brevard residents make incredibly lousy jurors … they have no idea how many people they’ve helped wrongfully convict. Gannett’s Florida Today hopes they never will.

There’s a chance that may get their wish … please keep an eye and ear out for “right to forget” banter, because it may become a really big deal.

A whole lot of broadcasters and newspapers (that already pretend they don’t know where their archives are) want the “right to forget” some broadcast and articles, seeking to have related links taken down from the Internet.

As to pretending not to know where their archives are, Florida broadcasts and articles about former Florida legislator/Governor/U.S. Senator Bob Graham should have surfaced in 2008 when William Dillon was DNA-exonerated of a Brevard frame-up just four years after Wilton Dedge was DNA-exonerated of a nearly identical Brevard frame-up, as Bob Graham, as Florida’s governor, had ordered the “investigation” (via tainted transfer) of charlatan dog handler John Preston. As a U.S. Senator, Graham spent ten years on the Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee, and ignored his responsibility to shine a white hot FBI spotlight on Brevard per their mandate to investigate public corruption that affects trial outcomes. Other nearly identical Brevard convictions remain intact, including Gary Bennett’s.

The biggest “f*ck you!” of burying frame-ups is that of  not caring what further crimes the actual criminals will commit. No publisher/broadcaster that is anti-public safety should be allowed to become an international entity, nor should it be allowed any involvement with military publications, anywhere.

Gannett is publishing both Army Times and Military Times, and is likely misinforming enlistees and officers as thoroughly and routinely as they do Brevard citizens. I recently skimmed a stack of back issues of Army Times, and found it as canned and bland as any other Gannett publication. There was little about the 22-per-day Vet suicide rate, and nothing about the looming VA scandals.

Brevard is a very, very powerful county. Vast amounts of federal taxpayers’ dollars are spent there … on NASA, NSA, the military, and the militarization of police departments. It needs a newspaper, not a propaganda machine so relentless that it’s already published a “He’s so fine” followup article on Murphy:


[Update 7/2/14: Huffington Post reported today on “Right to Forget” and Google’s role. Please read the HP article – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/07/02/google-right-to-be-forgotten-media-guardian-bbc_n_5552972.html?ncid=fcbklnkushpmg00000018%5D

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