Law enforcement officers (and supervisors) gone wild …

New ACLU report takes a snapshot of police militarization in the United States – The Washington Post

Among the excuses police agencies gave the ACLU for not turning over records were that the requested information “contained trade secrets,” that turning over such information could affect the effectiveness of SWAT teams and that the information requested was too broad, would cost too much to produce or wasn’t subject to open-records law. In short, we have police departments that are increasingly using violent, confrontational tactics to break into private homes for increasingly low-level crimes, and they seem to believe that the public has no right to know the specifics of when, how and why those tactics are being used.

via New ACLU report takes a snapshot of police militarization in the United States – The Washington Post.




Washington Post blogger Radley Balko isn’t making phone calls to get quotes from parties on opposite sides of issues, and then dutifully emphasizing whichever quotes editors want him to.

Balko isn’t foisting slanted stenography on anyone. He’s reporting. He knows the ACLU isn’t making a mountain out of a mole hill on the increasing and unjustified use of force, especially by SWAT teams, because Balko’s climbed that mountain.

Please download the ACLU’s report, “WAR COMES HOME: The Excessive Militarization of American Policing,” from the Washington Post link and at least skim through it; learn that too many of our law enforcement officers are improperly trained, improperly deployed warriors.

It’s information you’ll need to be ready to stand with the properly trained officers that are beginning to speak up: they want to be deployed properly, with other properly trained officers, so that things like these never, ever happen again:

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