ABA Journal lied about Marcus Wellons’ execution. It was botched.


Prison official faints during execution; sentence was upheld despite jurors’ gag gifts, drug secrecy

The execution of a Georgia inmate went off without a hitch on Tuesday, although a prison official fainted during the procedure.

via Prison official faints during execution; sentence was upheld despite jurors’ gag gifts, drug secrecy.




It is indeed a “hitch” when an execution takes over an hour.

A huge “hitch.”

A cruel and unusual “hitch.”

The ABA is very much pro-execution, and the reasons why are  clear. Bar associations were tasked by the U.S. Supreme Court with addressing the misconduct of prosecutors and their supervisors in 1976 and 1977 respectively, and Bar associations decided that the Justices’ decisions were non-binding, which makes Bar associations worse than devil’s advocates … it makes them devils’ accomplices. Executions allow them to bury malicious prosecutions, which are never a mistake.

The tools that Bar association were armed with to address misconduct are milquetoast – fines and/or temporary or permanent disbarment. For the same misbehavior, a non-attorney would face hard time.

Despite the harmless squirt-gun punishments available to Bar associations – a financial setback and/or career delay or change – they prefer to protect their own, even in the face of serial misconduct that makes Bar associations aware that wrongful convictions remain intact, i.e.; the Brevard County exonerations of Juan Ramos, Wilton Dedge and William Dillon – which all involved known charlatan dog handler John Preston – makes it obvious that Gary Bennett’s and likely many others Brevard/Preston standing convictions are wrongful. Preston perjured himself nationwide – Stephen Epperly in Virginia may well be innocent, and who knows how many others there are. Gerald Stano and Linroy Bottoson were executed based on Preston-tainted investigations.

Bar associations feel no pressure from any federal authority to clean up their act.

Quite the contrary. To hold Bar associations responsible for often-deadly Color of Law behaviors, federal agencies would have to hold themselves accountable, and they’re not about to do that.

The FBI (tasked with ensuring that public corruption doesn’t affect trial outcomes) was involved not only with Preston, but with other DNA-discredited dog handlers. The FBI and Department of Justice use the same stationary … it’s impossible to tell from correspondence which agency you’ve heard from, per two recent letters I’ve received from David M. Hardy, Section Chief of one or the others (FBI or DOJ) Records Management Division.

I’m assuming that the letters were from the FBI, because that is agency I filed the FOIA request with.

One of David M. Hardy’s letters claims they’ve never heard of me (June 10); Hardy’s other letter (June 2) provides information that he acknowledged that I’d previously requested of the FBI.

Phony “unique human scent” pooches are just the beginning of the FBI’s forensics foul play, but it’s a big beginning. Preston participated in @1,000 criminal investigations, Keith Pikett participated in @2,500 criminal investigations, and the FBI was involved with many other handlers. Sizable federal grants have been disbursed to attempt to legitimize “unique human scent;” Florida International University’s Kenneth Furton was the recipient of some of them.

Furton testified FOR DNA-discredited Pikett and FOR Casey Anthony. If your stomach just turned, you’re beginning to catch on.

But back to the ABA Journal‘s “without a hitch” lie about Marcus Wellons’ execution:

… Missouri authorities commenced the lethal injection of John E. Winfield at 12.01am. He was pronounced dead at 12.10am.


As no picture was published with the ABA Journal piece, it would have been appropriate to point out that there are racial implications behind the giving of a chocolate penis and chocolate breasts (to the judge and bailiff, respectively) after condemning a black man for a rape/homicide of a neighbor, who may well have been black, too.

Continuing to endorse the secrecy behind lethal injection drugs – which the ABA Journal does by omitting the length of time it took to kill Marcus Wellons – is the same as outright endorsing cruel and unusual punishment. Even for guards.

When deciding Connick v Thompson in 2011, the U.S. Supreme Court knew full well that allowing Bar associations to continue to address public lawyer misconduct (via Imbler v Pachtman and Van de Kamp v Goldstein) was unreasonable, which Washington Post blogger Radley Balko recently pointed out:

Writing for the majority, Justice Clarence Thomas declined to expand the very narrow exceptions to prosecutor and municipal immunity from lawsuits for misconduct leading to wrongful convictions because, Thomas argued, professional sanctions from bar associations and DA offices were sufficient to keep prosecutors in line. There was plenty of evidence at the time that Thomas was wrong. What we’ve learned since then has only made him more wrong.


It’s time for Congress to check and balance our unbalanced U.S. Supreme Court, via impeachment. We simply haven’t time to legislate and amend our way through the un-fabulous five’s laundry list of  elitist rulings. We have to be aware that Connick v Thompson dooms innocents like William “Tommy” Zeigler to execution, executions that the ABA Journal will lie about.


About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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