Discredited expert witnesses often don’t stay discredited.

John Dobbs is black. Too black to be mistaken by four (4) reporters as being anything else. Nor could four (4) reporters have mistaken his wounds as defensive, had they the will to escape their chairs, momentarily.

Criticisms, Blunders Mar Medical Examiner’s Exit | Orlando Sentinel

Gore’s hiring of his newest associate medical examiner, Dr. Marie Hansen, is another move that brought unwanted attention to the office.

In 1998, Hansen botched an autopsy so badly in Pasco County that an innocent man was charged with first-degree murder.

The mistake was not discovered until last year, when a new chief medical examiner for the Pasco and Pinellas office reviewed the case and forced Hansen to resign, records show.

By then, David Long had been indicted in the shaken-baby death of his 7-month-old daughter, been sent to jail, spent $100,000 in legal fees, lost his job and filed for bankruptcy, according to an interview and county records.

via Criticism, Blunders Mar Medical Examiner’s Exit – Page 2 – Orlando Sentinel.

Just as charlatan dog handler John Preston had his credibility restored in 1984 after being thoroughly discredited in a federal court in 1982 (per many previous posts, including “God damn Bob Graham), Dr. Marie Hansen had her credibility restored subsequent to the linked 2003 article.

Hansen testified in John Dobbs’ trial in Orange County, Florida.

If you can call it a trial.

John was denied standard Self Defense as well as Stand Your Ground, although he and his girlfriend were attacked by multiple assailants where John’s vehicle was parked at a night club. The Orlando Sentinel described the man who died as black, and described the alleged homicide as racially motivated.

The man who died was not black.

John is black, as is the girlfriend.

There are racial motivations galore, but not as portrayed by the Orlando Sentinel: four (4) reporters contributed to that story; none interviewed John or his girlfriend. Had they done so, they would have found that both were black, and both were injured, and that even through John had managed to get possession of a gun that belonged to one of his at-least four attackers (of record), John didn’t use the gun: at the earliest opportunity, John got his girlfriend and himself into his vehicle, and fled the attackers.

Not using the gun meant that John had no intent to kill.

There is no legal length for a razor – which apparently John was sliced with – and unlike George Zimmerman’s alleged “wounds” roughly 20 as-the-crow-flies miles away, John and his girlfriend’s wounds were consistently visible to cameras.

The Orlando Sentinel‘s tall tale is available for purchase from their archives [http://pqasb.pqarchiver.com/orlandosentinel/doc/280424469.html?FMT=&FMTS=&type=current&date=&author=&pub=&edition=&startpage=&desc=] and reveals that comments were sought from the attorney of the nightclub were John and his girlfriend were attacked, which appeared to attempt to prevent John or his girlfriend for suing the club for inadequate security.

The Orlando Sentinel did not cover John’s trial, according to archive searches, which  – ultimately – may help John more than it hurt him, as it completely betrays their ongoing racial prejudices. Orlando Sentinel “coverage” of William “Tommy” Zeigler’s trial in the same circuit added layers of journalistic deceit to his 38-year-long persecution, which paved the way for U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Robert to recently wash his hands of looking at new evidence of falsified police reports and suppressed witness testimony without raising rightful rage, nationwide. Tommy’s case, too, had racial implications, despite his being white … he had angered many in his community by helping blacks to register to vote, and by helping one black gentleman retain his liquor license, coveted by white men. The latter put Tommy in direct conflict with a man who later overrid the jury’s verdict to impose a death sentence.

Please explore the website that John’s mother continually adds to – http://www.americanmekinguniversal.org/ – and click Enter the Site at the bottom of the page to locate the pictures of John’s injuries, the involvement of Dr. Marie Hansen (of resurrected credibility), the backgrounds of John’s alleged victims, John’s story in his own words, and more. Once you’ve had a look around, please sign this petition:


If the abundance of information on the site overwhelms you and puts you on the fence about signing, please remember this: John’s trial took place in the same circuit that helped resurrect charlatan dog handler John Preston’s federally destroyed credibility ( see “God damn Bob Graham”), which resulted in Linroy Bottoson’s 2002 wrongful execution, Gary Bennett’s 30-year-long continued wrongful incarceration, a faux reinvestigation of Stephen Epperly’s 1980 no-body Virginia homicide conviction, and more. This corrupt Florida circuit apparently holds a permanent “get out of jail free” card cue to the FBI’s participation in Linroy Bottoson’s Preston prosecution, as well as the FBI’s use of other DNA-discredited dog handlers aside from Preston, darkly clouding more than 3,500 criminal investigations nationwide.

Thank you.

[Please note that although excepts from linked articles often suffice in providing the scope of a situation, that is not anywhere near the case with “Criticisms, Blunders Mar Medical Examiner’s Exit.” Each of its three alarming pages reveals how much trouble there was within the Medical Examiner’s office and many straws the Orlando Sentinel was clutching at to spin it all into normalcy.]

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