Brevard County Sheriff’s Office hires fired Brevard corrections officer, and then …

Son of murdered Deputy Barbara Pill accused of sex with minor | Brevard County News – WESH Home

Ryan Pill was fired last October from his job as a corrections officer at the Brevard County Jail because of the alleged relationship.

via Son of murdered Deputy Barbara Pill accused of sex with minor | Brevard County News – WESH Home.


It’s hard for anyone that hasn’t been victimized by Brevard’s bevvy of corrupt public servants to wrap their minds around how continually out-of-control this Florida county has been for at least the past three decades, and likely longer … after all, Brevard County is where civil rights pioneer Harry T. Moore was assassinated in 1951, along with his wife Harriette. It happened on Christmas Day, their anniversary … via placing a bomb beneath their bedroom, which thankfully didn’t injure their daughter.

Harry T. remains a hero and an inspiration to me. If he could summon the continual courage to personally investigate lynchings in still-segregated Florida, I sure can’t wimp out and let any corrupt Brevard “public servant” off the hook for the slow motion murder of incarcerated innocents.

Gannett’s Florida Today  dutifully writes about Harry T. during Black History Month, and when it otherwise convenient to their multiple agendas, of which factually reporting the news always takes a back seat.

I prefer the 2001 PBS special about Harry T. over Florida Today‘s syrup. Thankfully, the link to it is still live:

Former Florida Today crime reporter Jennifer Ellis Seitz disappeared from the Norwegian Pearl cruise ship on Christmas day, 2008, on the heals of William Dillon’s Brevard DNA exoneration, which was related to the 2004 DNA Brevard exoneration of Wilton Dedge and the 1987 Brevard upset death row conviction of Juan Ramos.

Ms Seitz was returning to newspaper work after unhappily leaving Florida Today just prior to Wilton’s exoneration, and was authoring a book – subject unknown to me. What I do know is that it’s likely that Ms. Seitz knew far more about Brevard’s conviction corruption than I do … she was a reporter, I’m a disabled designer (my paid publishing credits consist of ad copy and graphics). The media painted Ms. Seitz as unstable, and suggested suicide. As I’m a “Facebook for Cops” law enforcement target despite being only a disabled designer, and have caught the mainstream media in countless misrepresentations of fact, I’ve no reason to believe the media portrayals of Ms. Seitz as unstable, and every reason to remember instead what day of the year racist Brevard cowards placed a bomb beneath Harry T.’s bedroom.

But back to former Brevard deputy Ryan Pill: it simply wasn’t in the best interests of Brevard residents for the sheriff’s office to hire him after he was fired from their corrections facility.

As it is indeed time for the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office to begin to act in the best interests of Brevard residents, it’s also the correct time for Sheriff Wayne Ivey to tender his resignation. Ivey glibly assured me years ago that there was nothing to the allegations that there were other victims of charlatan dog handler John Preston’s perjuries (I keep my phone records). I’d like to witness Ivey pitch his no-other-victims spiel to the Marvelous Ms. Maxine, whose son, Gary Bennett, was the final one to be framed in Brevard using Preston, more than a year after Preston had been discredited in Dale Sutton’s federal case.

Gary’s been behind bars for over 30 years for homicide by others … others as in multiple weapons, with multiple, apparently simultaneous delivery of blows to the victim from a variety of directions. Like the rest of us, Gary only has two hands.


Gary Bennett has only two hands

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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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