Two more incarcerated men die before their time in #LoveFL – updated

Offender Picture

Damion Foster

Offender Picture

Matthew Walker









After latest death, Florida prison system faces more scrutiny – Florida –

State officials confirmed that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating the Thursday morning death at Charlotte Correctional Institution on the Gulf Coast.

Damion Foster [pictured left, above], 36, died following an altercation with corrections officers in the prison’s mental-health unit, a source close to the case told the Miami Herald …

Read more here: Foster, 36, died following an altercation with corrections officers in the prison’s mental-health unit, a source close to the case told the Miami Herald …

In April, eight corrections officers were suspended and one fired following the death at Charlotte Correctional of Matthew Walker, 45 [pictured right, above]. According to Gulf Coast station NBC2, Walker was slapped by a female corrections officer while in his cell, and then other corrections officers got involved and Walker ended up dead.

via After latest death, Florida prison system faces more scrutiny – Florida –


Damion Foster was housed in the mental health unit at the Charlotte Correctional Institution. If I understand the Florida Department of Corrections website correctly, mental health services there are under contract to Wexford Health Services, which appears to be as ill-advised as contracting with Corizon.

The above-linked article did not touch on whether Matthew Walker was also in the mental health unit, nor did it adequately portray the chaos at Charlotte C. I.

The video available at this link does a far better job:

The article below the link says this:

We first learned of the story a week ago, when two state agencies stepped in to investigate.

Since then, former guards and union representatives have come to us to claim the prison, which holds nearly 1,300 inmates, isn’t safe.

Rick Scott knows that the words “isn’t safe” applies to other corrections facilities aside from Charlotte, and that the death toll is mounting rapidly, but Scott doesn’t care about saving the lives of law-abiding constituents, like Charlene Dill, let alone saving the lives of those who’ve stepped over the line … his action speak much, much louder than his commercials.

UPDATE 11/30/15: Damion Foster’s death has been declared a cell extraction homicide, like Matthew Walker’s. From the inmate mortality chart below, you can see that Foster’s homicide is being treated differently than Walker’s and others on the chart … no summary of the investigation is available (please note, too, how many years-old causes of death are still pending, and that all three 2015 deaths are open, with two under investigation). No one was charged for killing Damion Foster, which spared the state attorneys office the pretense of prosecuting corrections officers, as the state attorney had done in Matthew Walker’s case.  I noted above in the original post that Rick Scott governed by running commercials instead of enforcing laws. More than two years later, Rick Scott is still running commercials instead of enforcing laws … Scott’s current media blitz is a push to have people use the hashtag #LoveFL, even though he apparently hates Florida and Floridians – he’s profiting from polluting the Sunshine State, and doesn’t care how many of us die from an inability to afford medical care via his declining Medicaid expansion (like Charlene Dill), or die at the hands of homicidal “public servants,” like Matthew Walker and Damion Foster. No Color of Law offense should be okay with the FBI or the Department of Justice, let alone the continual abuse, neglect and murder of inmates … the Department of Justice should have taken over Florida’s prisons years ago. And they should have indicted Rick Scott at the same time. Please sign this petition, and help make it happen. Thank you.




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