James Copeland’s death, and other AZ Corizon care horror stories


James Copeland

Death Sentence: Prison healthcare costly, ineffective

Arizona taxpayers pay $125 million a year to Corizon, a company contracted to provide healthcare to Arizona’s inmate population. A 12 News investigation revealed there are questions about whether the company is driving up its profits at the expense of taxpayers.

What’s more, billing records show the Department of Corrections is spending millions more to defend itself from a 2012 class-action lawsuit filed by Perkins Coie, Jones Day, the ACLU’s National Prison Project, Arizona Center for Disability Law, the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona, and the Prison Law Office out of Berkeley, Calif.

via Death Sentence: Prison healthcare costly, ineffective.


James Copeland had dementia and kidney disease, and was serving time for having failed to register as a sex offender.

It was unreasonable to deem Copeland’s in-custody death an accident, given that it was known that he had become obsessed with the cap on the catheter that was necessary to treat his kidney disease, a cap that held his blood within his body until he – predictably – dislodged it, and bled out.

Please read all the information that reporter Wendy Halloran gathered on Corizon’s “care” for Arizona inmates from the article link above. It’s grizzly, but it’s need-to-know, as Corizon may be misappropriating your tax dollars (with your legislators and governor’s permission) even if you live outside Arizona – they have @530 contracts nationwide:



About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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4 Responses to James Copeland’s death, and other AZ Corizon care horror stories

  1. patti jones says:

    Yes this VERY typical of Tom Horne and the AG’S office they did the very exact thing in my nephew Tony Lester’s wrongful death law suit, they referred his case out to a private law firm by the name of Cantelme and Brown when all was said and done the AZ taxpayers paid 1.1 million dollars to litigate this case in the end they FORCED my sister to take theb 100,000.00 settlement!! If one were to combine this with the ACLU lawsuit litigation fees of 2.9 million dollars to 1.1 million dollars the State of Arizona would have paid a total of 4 million dollars in litigation for the state of Arizona to defend the Arizona Department of corrections ! This just disgusts me to see AZ tax dollars so foolishly wasted!! It is time for Gov. Brewer and Az lawmakers to Hold Charles Ryan accountable!

    • How horrible, Patti. Thank you for sharing the name of the outside law firm; it may be helpful to others. I’m sorry that there are so many similar stories force you to relieve not only Tony’s death, but the mistreatment of family that followed.

  2. patti jones says:

    We thank-you Susan Chandler for having a place to share our story… Perhaps now through such media exposure that NOW there may be accountability instead of spending AZ tax dollars to litigate and defend such cases. But the MOST disgusting point in this whole entire picture is FAMILY’S such as my sister are being punished by the State of AZ for filing wrongful death lawsuits in defense of their loved ones being mistreated and neglected by the ADOC, it is time that Director Ryan to step down he has cost AZ tax payers enough Money!

  3. Governor Brewer shouldn’t wait for Director Ryan to step down; she should demand his resignation. There’s nothing more fiscally irresponsible than misappropriating tax dollars to defend reprehensibly indefensible behaviors of public employees.

    The scale of scandalous prison deaths in AZ, FL, NY, etc., is such that the Justice Department should be filing Color of Law suits on an ongoing basis without survivors having to ask. I have yet another FL prison death to write about, and it sickens me.

    I am sorry that your family is among those that are denied representation for taxation … that our numbers are now astronomical is no comfort at all.

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