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This documentary had its beginnings in Sarah Burn’s book, The Central Park Five: A Chronicle of a City Wilding, which the New York Times unkindly reviewed.

That the mainstream media was complicit in convicting five innocent boys of a brutal Central Park rape is made rather apparent by the headlines that flash by in the trailer on the video. In the interview footage that follows the trailer, famed documentary filmmaker Ken Burns – Sarah’s father – states it outright.

When New York City issued a subpoena mid-project, likely attempting to scare the Burns away, only the alternate media and Hollywood had their back, if memory serves. Google searches seem to give weight to my recollections, bringing me to a New York Times article.

One of many tricks that disingenuous reporters deploy is awarding the last word to the person(s) they know are not being forthright. From the New York Times article:

” … Ms. Koeleveld said that Mr. Burns had crossed the line from journalism to advocacy. She said his sentiment demonstrated that he met the legal definition of being aligned with the plaintiffs, also part of the legal test for the subpoena.”


When the article was published, Celeste Koeleveld was the NYC’s executive assistant corporation counsel for public safety. Yes, public safety. And there is some legitimacy to it, when you think about it … the less we the people know, the safer we are; not from street crime that the mainstream media will decry, but from retribution for objecting to the crimes committed by local, state and federal government, which the mainstream media (and friends) will defend.

The mainstream media (and friends) is emboldened by being protected from paying damages when they deploy their tricks. A ruling commonly referred to as “false light” holds the media harmless for giving greater weight to unsubstantiated statements than to substantiated statements.

We the people would be better served if the media was held the most responsible for sensationalism that contributes to wrongful convictions. The NYC taxpayers who unwittingly paid their public servants to persecute five innocent boys shouldn’t have to pay each of them $50M, particularly since some of the taxpayers are survivors of rapes committed by the actual perpetrator.

The news organizations that didn’t fact check should instead pick up the tabs.

One of the defender friends of the morally bankrupt mainstream media is The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation, who supported David J. Krajicek in spinning away his direct involvement in the fevered reporting about the Central Park Five in a hoax titled, The Media’s Role in Wrongful Conviction: How ‘mob journalism’ and media ‘tunnel vision’ turn journalists into tools of the prosecution; three case studies.

Krajicek mentions his reporting on the Central Park Five – which of course isn’t one of the three case studies – on the final page, likely confident no one will read that far:

Author’s Note: In the interest of full disclosure, I would like to point out that I worked as police bureau chief of the New York Daily News during the late 1980s. In April 1989, I returned from a brief vacation to find myself in the middle of a journalism feeding frenzy, the Central Park Jogger case. My byline appeared on any number of stories that, in effect, presumed the guilt of the black and Latino youths accused of assaulting a woman who was out in the park for exercise.

Instead of delivering an long overdue explanation as well as a well-deserved apology to those who were duped by his 1989 Central Park Five “reporting,” Krajicek slung mud on the Orlando Sentinel for their 1949 reporting on the Groveland Four, the Baltimore Sun for their 1984 reporting on Kirk Bloodsworth, and the Monroe County Journal (Alabama) for their 1986 reporting on Walter McMillan.

But that wasn’t all. Krajicek misrepresented the causes of wrongful conviction, describing police, and prosecutorial “errors” that are most often not errors at all, but outright misrepresentations of fact, i.e.; DELIBERATE MISCONDUCT.

Every tax exempt organization has a responsibility to the public to do something useful with their untaxed receipts. But damn few organizations see it that way, including the American Bar Association, which is the entity assigned by the U.S. Supreme Court to address prosecutorial misconduct.

If Darryl Issa’s “investigation” of the IRS Oversight Board had any validity, its primary focus would be on Bar associations for shielding prosecutors who have committed serial misconduct nationwide and made justice unavailable, prosecutors who have been shielded not only by Bar associations, but by judges at every level and – of course – the mainstream media (and friends).

There are numerous individuals and organizations that make very generous livings by misstating what is wrong with our justice system. They fight very dirty – and in concert – to protect their vested interest in the continuation of conviction corruption.

David J. Krajicek appears to be ready to milk misstating what is wrong with our justice system forever and ever, amen.

He’s apparently has not only got the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation to tap, but Poynter.NEWSUNIVERSITY (newsu.org), a “project” of The Poynter Institute funded by The Knight Foundation:

David Krajicek, co-founder and first vice president of Criminal Justice Journalists, writes “The Justice Story” for the New York Daily News and contributes to other publications. He is the author of a nonfiction book, “Scooped! Media Miss Real Story on Crime While Chasing Sex, Sleaze and Celebrities” (Columbia University Press).

Krajicek, a native Nebraskan, was a crime reporter at newspapers in Omaha and Iowa and was police bureau chief of the New York Daily News. A former Columbia University journalism professor, he now works as a writer based in the Catskill Mountains.


The link to David Krajicek’s every-reporter’s-guilty-but-me “report” funded by Guggenheim can be found on an easily explained, glowing review of same at the bottom of the page on this link:


The explanation of the review the “report” being glowing rather than justifiably damning can be found Inside Criminal Justice‘s “About” page … Krajicek is a contributing editor:


After reading all of the above, it can’t come as any surprise that despite his many successes and reputable for historical accuracy, Ken Burns had to find a new funder for his documentary on the Central Park Five, as reported by the alternate media:


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