#FLFacebookForCops, the #ArchangelsOfJustice, and me.

Florida taxpayer: Another unhappy one | Baltimore Post-ExaminerBaltimore Post-Examiner

Susan Chandler is a well known activist who is concerned about wrongfully convicted people in prison …

Fearing that she may have been a victim of law enforcement abuse she requested information concerning improper entry into her personal information …

Just look at the runaround she received.

Just look at the runaround she received.

via Florida taxpayer: Another unhappy one | Baltimore Post-ExaminerBaltimore Post-Examiner.




I couldn’t put my finger on the feeling of deep discomfort that came upon me after I read the above article about me. I wasn’t in any more pain than usual. It didn’t feel like any birth defect/chronic condition was gearing up to grab my undivided attention. My allergies weren’t going nuts.  Yet I felt lousy, but lousy how, and lousy why? Nothing was more wrong with me than before I’d read the article. The next day, it finally dawned on me that I was depressed, which is as foreign a feeling for me as boredom. And because the depression was keeping me from doing anything at all, I focused on the article until I nailed the source, which came down to three words that appear above – “well known activist.” I don’t want to be well known for anything, except for having the most whacked sense of humor among my local friends. More than once, I’ve been accused of seeking fame and fortune via my advocacy for others who’ve been trammeled worse by our justice system than I have. A couple of times the accusations were nasty and insistent, although – admittedly – based on nothing but “I think, I feel, I suspect.”

I did seek non-fiction publication for hire once, on July 14, 2009, before Scripps’ TCPalm News and Editorial Boards in Martin County. But a guest column was only one of two plans I pitched that day. When the first pitch was rejected, I offered to turn over all of my research on wrongful convictions for one of their reporters to run with (which would have made me happier than authoring a guest column). That wasn’t agreeable to the Boards, either, and the reason was painfully clear. Like the Brevard County Gannett paper I’d been battling for years – Florida Today – Scripps already knew what I knew, and then some, and were opposed to letting the public in on it, which is borne out by the Archangels of Justice finding the Baltimore Post-Examiner more interested in the availability of justice on Florida’s Treasure Coast than Scripps’ TC Palm newspapers.

I do like to write, and I do have talent, according to pros (I took courses). But that talent is for writing poetry, lyrics and fiction – just as one would expect of someone who’d made a living designing stuff that didn’t yet exist – industrial equipment, warehouse layouts, residential interiors and exteriors. My non-fiction didn’t impress a pro at all (another course), and it certainly hasn’t impress anyone in public office over the past 13 years, or there wouldn’t be even one dangling email trail, let alone more dangling trails than I can keep track of.

In addition to the dangling DAVID trail, one example is the Citizens Property Insurance’s rip-off trail. While $317 is chump change to a lot of people, it’s a fortune to me. According to the dangling trail, Florida’s CFO Atwater, Governor Scott, Senate President Gaetz, House Speaker Weatherford, Senator Negron and Representative Lee all accepted Citizens’ ridiculous explanation of defrauding me – part of which was that 90 days is sometimes less than 90 days. Florida’s homeowner insurance rip-offs are legion; thousands likely lost their homes over Force Placed Insurance alone, which I addressed in the emails. It’s a really, really big deal, and yet it dangles.

Another dangling email trail is a records request for copies of the improper correspondence sent by Brevard Judge John Dean Moxley to then-Orange County prosecutor Jeff Ashton which attempted to influence the course of Ashton’s prosecution of Gary Bennett, and which Centurion Ministries and the Innocence Project of Florida apparently only referenced in a plea, rather than entering the letters into evidence. When I couldn’t get cooperation from Orange or Brevard, I contacted Tallahassee. Moxley was one of Gary’s original prosecutors, and had used already-federally discredited dog handler John Preston to frame Gary. Moxley was aware that there was a double taint on Gary’s case being transferred to Orange County: 1) the use of Preston there, with federal involvement, in convicting hapless schizophrenic Linroy Bottoson, who was executed in 2002, 2) then-Governor Bob Graham’s transfer of a faux investigation of Preston’s credibility in testifying in Brevard County to Orange County, despite Orange’s use of Preston against Linroy. Having possession of Moxley’s two letters to Ashton could get me out of harm’s way and provide an avenue for the family of Alissa Blanton to get justice over Moxley’s similar failure to protect her, which resulted in her murder. It would get Gary Bennett out from under his wrongful conviction, and Tommy Zeigler out from under his, as well, as Orange prosecutors welded the two cases together by leveling the same lurid lie against both men; Tommy first, Gary many years later.

Yet another dangling email trail is my correspondence to the IRS Oversight Board beginning in January of 2011, insisting that Bar associations retroactively lose their tax exemptions for failing to perform responsibilities that they wish to keep so as not to act upon, specifically, the responsibilities assigned to them by the U.S. Supreme Court to address public lawyers’ misconduct. There was a complaint number assigned to my request for retroactive revocation. The Treasury Department got involved. Later in 2011, SCOTUS ruled – in Connick v Thompson – that public lawyers will retain absolute immunity for deliberate misconduct, subject only to Bar oversight, knowing full well that the criminally negligent Bar is allowing serial prosecutorial and supervisory misconduct to generate new false convictions at a faster pace than exonerations.

And still another dangling email trail – years in length – is that to US Senator Bill Nelson, whom I’ve spoken to twice – face to face – about Color of Law behaviors that are keeping innocents incarcerated and killers on the street. The second time I spoke to Nelson, I had one of Gary Bennett’s sisters – Karen – at my side. Nelson grew up in Brevard County. He knows exactly what is happening there. The first time we met, Nelson had asked me to name names, and I did: Norm Wolfinger, John Dean Moxley, Chris White, and others. And I also said that he already knew their names, which was true.

I don’t want to deal with dozens of dangling email trails. I don’t want to write non-fiction that impresses no one. I especially don’t want to be well known. As anyone with Light Sensitive epilepsy can tell you, the very last thing we want in our faces is flashing cameras, and as anyone with PTSD can tell you, being approached by a stranger in a crowd is one of our least favorite things, and it was happening far too often after simply saying my name in public as a result of meeting the maximum number of Letters to the Editor for a couple of years running – mostly about wrongful convictions – published by – get this! – Scripps TC Palm newspapers prior to our 2009 meeting.

My adult life, pre-2001, consisted of remodeling homes while living in them, and playing in the dirt to make their outsides as pretty as their insides; I have a paid-in-full wreck to either remodel or level and replace, and I want to start yesterday. I almost had three of my poems published decades ago, but foolishly refused to revise just one word in one of them; I’d like a second chance now that age has made me wiser. I was an unknown activist since the 70’s, participating with numerous organizations with hand written petitions and letter writing campaigns before the Internet came along; unknown is just what I want to be again. I want in – oh boy do I want in – on the off-the-grid aspect of the new Tiny House movement, and back in to the old “square foot” gardening movement that proved so plentiful. I daydream about being able to 3D print plans for interiors and exteriors alike … I’d like to play with paint and hammers and dirt and trowels from sunup till sunset, then write non-fiction and create new designs until I’m sleepy, then dream colorful dreams of more of the same, only better. Enough, already, with nightmares of corrupt public servants that willfully let innocents serve killers’ time, that facilitate corporate rip-offs, that protect and serve each other ahead of those who provide their paychecks, that assert that upholding the Constitution “isn’t within my jurisdiction.” Enough with related, dangling email trails. Enough with being well known.

But my writing “enough” doesn’t make it enough … designing, playing and dreaming will all still have to wait. Topping years of apparent destruction of DAVID records is Rick Scott’s new baseless assertion that individual state employees are records custodians, and that Floridians should not only be prepared to make records request employee by employee, but be complacent about use of personal electronic devices to conduct state business. Obviously, these individual, faux record custodians could obscure their having conducted state business on personal electronic devices by simple denials that would require court orders to battle – but it gets worse. Because my imagination made my living, I automatically took Scott’s ludicrous individual records custodian claim to the next level … what if the individual electronic device that faux records custodians conducted state business on was on a “burner” phone?

The saving grace of this whole mess is that the people I’ve attempted to help no longer have to lean on this reluctant and obviously ineffectual advocate. They can look to the Archangels of Justice. I’ll keep sending emails, knowing that they’ll dangle, in hopes that future ones will of use to Ira Robins, Salvatore Rastrelli and the rest of their team. They’re seasoned investigators, not designers, and they “kick ass and take names,” which is far more effective than effeminately insisting that public servants stop breaking laws that they’re paid to uphold.

My guess is that by the time that the Archangels of Justice are done with those who do dirty deeds on our dimes, most of the principle players will wish that they had responded to my effeminate, emailed insistence while they still had the chance.


About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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2 Responses to #FLFacebookForCops, the #ArchangelsOfJustice, and me.

  1. Jeff Nguyen says:

    As a fellow Floridian, I can only say the fog of whoa is thick in the sunshine state. Apparently, police depts. are required to sign non-disclosure agreements when using cell phone spy software (stingray). I, too, would like a micro house and small garden for my family so I thank you for your years of service, Susan.

  2. Deeply appreciate your ongoing encouragement, Jeff, and hope your micro home and garden materialize quickly. Thanks!

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