Rubin Carter’s deathbed wish – that the Brooklyn Conviction Integrity Unit has integrity.

Dying Plea From Rubin Carter | Ken Klonsky

New affidavits strongly indicate that potentially exculpatory police reports were lost, discarded or suppressed. DNA testing and fingerprint evidence all point in other directions.

via Dying Plea From Rubin Carter | Ken Klonsky.

The best way to pay tribute to Rubin “Hurricane” Carter – and honor his sports career as well as surviving his wrongful conviction – is to grant his deathbed wish to reinvestigate the conviction of David McCallum.

Please contact new Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson on his “action line” phone number, 718-250-2340, and ask him to grant the Hurricane’s wish immediately, and please ask, too, that he simultaneously investigate Willie Stuckey’s conviction.

Their coerced confessions did not match, and both deserve to have their names cleared. A posthumous pardon is cold comfort, but it is comfort that should not be denied.

Conviction Integrity Units have been represented by the Innocence Industry as a fix to our broken justice system, despite CIU’s being based on a denial of the brokenness of our corrupt U.S. Supreme Court and corrupt American Bar Association.

Rubin “Hurricane” Carter’s deathbed wish tests the representations that have been made of Conviction Integrity Units, and even if Brooklyn’s CIU “passes” this test, it will be with a “D-” grade, just above an “F.”

While “no fault” may work reasonably well for car insurance, it doesn’t work at all for frame-ups. Concerted actions to ruin someone’s live must be punished. Harshly.

[Update 10/16/14: David McCallum has been freed, and while I’m delighted for him and his family, I’m concerned that the public will mistakenly applaud and embrace Conviction Integrity Units. New frame-ups are happening every day, because public misconduct is not against the law … officers have qualified immunity while prosecutors, D.A.’s and A.G.’s have absolute immunity. Those who took most of McCallum’s life from him (and took his friend’s very life) don’t give a crap that they let actual killers remain free; they give a crap about pensions, not public safety. For so long a Conviction Integrity Units are pedaled by the press as THE SOLUTION, frame-ups will continue – there’ll likely be one or two before this day is over. It’s not against the law.]


About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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