Reinvestigating Gina Hall’s homicide. Apparently sans DNA or even Google searches.

Investigators take a second look at the Gina Hall murder case from 1980 in Radford | Local News – Home

Investigators are asking for your help if you can provide any in this case.

via Investigators take a second look at the Gina Hall murder case from 1980 in Radford | Local News – Home.


There’s a lot of evidence to DNA test in Stephen Epperly’s case. Why aren’t the investigators starting there?

Stephen Epperly was convicted of Gina Hall’s no-body homicide based on testimony by oft-discredited dog handler John Preston.

Preston was discredited by an actual perpetrator – Julius Manning – in Dale Sutton’s Ohio federal case in 1982 … Sutton was released in January of 1983.

Preston was discredited by skill testing by Brevard County Judge Gilbert Goshorn, resulting in Juan Ramos’ release from Florida’s death row in 1987.

Preston was discredited two more times in Brevard County, Florida. By DNA. Wilton Dedge was released in 2004; William Dillon was released in 2008.

There were other exonerations … in Arizona, and even in Virginia.

Aside from all this, Stephen Epperly’s case was the only one I’m aware of that John Preston himself expressed misgivings. He told the Roanoke Times, in 1986, that he may have tracked the wrong trail. As Preston couldn’t track a trail at all – obviously – what he was really saying is that he was washing his hands of involvement in convicting Epperly, just as Pontius Pilate washed his hands of involvement in convicting Christ.

There is egregious prosecutorial misconduct of record in Epperly’s case, interference in the police talking with the defense.

Bill King and Robin Robinson’s testimony that they simply watched Epperly make himself far too much at home in King’s parents’ cabin reads like fiction. As Gina Hall’s vehicle was left in plain sight, two-person rather than one-person placement seems far more likely … one to drive Ms. Hall’s car, one to follow along and then pick up that driver.

So, once again, why – with DNA to test, with Preston discredited, with prosecutorial misconduct in plain sight – would investigators ask the general public for additional information, instead of running the DNA tests?

I sense another hoax, like the Brevard County “reinvestigation” of James Dvorak homicide that focused on re-implicating William Dillon after DNA cleared him.
It was obviously a hoax, because they declined to simultaneously investigate another 1980’s skull-crush robbery/homicide in the same tiny town – Canova Beach. Widowed, retired kindergarten teacher Pauline Scandale’s unsolved Canova Beach skull-crush robbery/homicide was again heartlessly ignored. I called out Brevard on ignoring Ms. Scandale, early and often.

Investigators wouldn’t have to do any heavy lifting to find published information on just how shaky Stephen Epperly’s 34-year-old conviction is.

Using Epperly’s name as a Google search term would have brought them right here, where I’ve often mentioned Stephen Epperly in the process of battling Gary Bennett’s 30-year-old Brevard/Preston frame-up, and tackled, head on, those who have a vested interest in the public believing that Epperly doesn’t deserve so much as one (1) fair day in court.

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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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2 Responses to Reinvestigating Gina Hall’s homicide. Apparently sans DNA or even Google searches.

  1. Lisa says:

    It has been a while since I have looked into my Grandmothers death. My parents told me very little. I found your article with her name in it. Pauline Scandale. I am going to read through it a little more. Thank you.


    • I’m so sorry for your loss, Lisa; your grandmother deserved a long and happy retirement after teaching kindergartners, which many (most?) of us couldn’t do for even a day. If you’d like copies of the emails I sent trying to get her homicide re-investigated, just let me know.


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