Florida Today comes out swinging FOR double-dipper who’s headed to MY county.

Matt Reed: Tipton is Brevard’s ‘true’ conservative

It pained him, but Tipton’s plans cut hundreds of jobs, hiked benefit contributions for workers and imposed a six-year pay freeze that’s still in place.

via Matt Reed: Tipton is Brevard's 'true' conservative.


Florida Today‘s Matt Reed is more propagandist than journalist. If he had a Pinocchio nose, we could carve notches in it to climb to the moon.

Like Reed, Howard Tipton is an elitist. Tipton believes in overpaying himself and underpaying almost everyone else; he’s availing himself of the ludicrous loophole that allows Florida’s highest paid “public servants” to collect a generous state pension (or pensions) simultaneously with a high salary.

Tipton’s bringing his job-eliminating, wage-stagnating, benefits-gouging “reforms” here to Saint Lucie County, and it’s highly likely that Scripp’s TC Palm newspapers will take over carrying the false flags that Gannett’s Florida Today carried on Tipton’s behalf.

We’re in for dark times.

If Florida’s newspapers weren’t by-and-large pro-political corruption, we wouldn’t have confusion on every issue, confusion that has voters continually voting against their own best interests.

It’s a life or death matter, as our newspapers bury conviction corruption that keeps innocents serving the sentences of robbers, rapists and murderers.

Tipton served in Orange County and Brevard County, co-conspirators in keeping charlatan dog handler John Preston’s perjuries buried from the early 80’s onward. Preston’s alleged “trainer,” Thomas McGinn, was investigated here in St Lucie County.

Preston mucked up @1,000 criminal investigations nationwide, resulting in an unknown number of obviously wrongful convictions (like Gary Bennett’s Brevard 30-year-old conviction), and darkly clouded convictions like Stephen Epperly’s 34-year-old Virginia conviction, which is supposedly going to be re-investigated soon.

There are multiple dirty-handed double-dippers involved in keeping Gary Bennett’s conviction intact. And I wouldn’t doubt that Howard Tipton is among the in-the-know-but-don’t-give-a-damn.

Knowing what I know about Orange County courts, I find it damn near impossible that anyone could be involved with them and emerge with clean hands, including Tipton, made possible by the Orlando Sentinel, which isn’t any better at exposing corruption than Gannett or Scripps’ papers.

Floridians would know what I know about political corruption if newspapers reported news instead of skewing every story to meet their seedy, greedy corporate agendas. When it comes to newspapers’ role in keeping wrongful convictions intact, the likes of Matt Reed should be prosecuted for conspiracy to violate rights, right along with all the officers, prosecutors, state attorneys, attorney generals, and governors – dating back to Bob Graham – that played a hands-on role.

Here’s hoping that word gets out fast here in St. Lucie County that we’ve got a pretender heading our way, one that intends to keep unjustly enriching himself by trampling nearly everyone else.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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