End Veteran suicide pandemic: Dismantle VA, give Vets no copay Medicare.

<img src=”Combating Military and Veteran Suicide and Supporting Mental Health Care
Via: TakePart.com” alt=”Veteran Suicide Pandemic” />

If a disease was disseminating the civilian population in these proportions, the mainstream media would never shut up about it; Congress would be forced into taking whatever actions were necessary to turn the tide.

It speaks to the corrupt content of character of the indisputably conservative mainstream media that they’ve not yet begun to fight for Veterans, proving that the six controlling corporations must become at least 12 controlling corporations … but we can deal with why they loves wars and don’t care about those whose feet hit the ground in them later.

The solution to the Veteran suicide pandemic is in-community care absent a military agenda.

And we can have it … fast.

Dismantling the VA and giving our Vets no copay Medicare would stop the suicide pandemic – it would end the perforce military (and deadly) denials of service and (equally deadly) delays in processing disability claims. All that should be preserved of the VA is its drug negotiating powers, which Congress – corruptly – didn’t incorporate into Medicare.

I’ve written to my representative and senators at every opportunity in related petitions. Please write to yours, too. Take the half hour necessary to look up their email contact forms and use your words to fight for Vets that gave up years, and sometimes limbs, to fight for you.

[Note to the “who gives a shit” crowd: If you can’t bring yourself to give a rat’s ass about dead Veterans, then care about how your tax dollars are being wasted in supporting two major federal health care systems when we only need one, one with drug negotiating powers.]

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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