US Supreme Court, Florida governors: On the record as declining to give a damn.

Why Is a Florida Man Facing Life in Prison For Lending a Friend His Car and Going to Sleep? | The Nation

Several years ago I read a piece in The New York Times by Adam Liptak about Ryan Holle. Ryan, who had no prior record, is serving a life sentence with no chance of parole in Florida. He was convicted of pre-meditated murder, even though no one, including the prosecutor, disputes that Ryan was asleep in his bed at home at the time of the crime.

via Why Is a Florida Man Facing Life in Prison For Lending a Friend His Car and Going to Sleep? | The Nation.


By prosecutor David Rimmer’s logic – no car, no crime – the dead girls’ parents were even more guilty of homicide.

They were the precipitants – no marijuana in a home safe, no crime.

Charles Grodin, the author of the linked article, agrees:

I felt the father and mother were a lot more responsible for their daughter’s death than Ryan Holle.

David Rimmer needs a new line of work. One where lives and freedoms don’t hinge on his ability to prioritize.

Unfortunately, Charlie Crist didn’t see it that way: Rimmer was apparently rewarded for this glaring shortcoming with a judgeship in 2009:

Of course, Rick Scott has had ample opportunity to undo many if not most of previous governors glaring errors of judgement in-so-far as malicious prosecutions, dating all the way back to Bob Graham and including Jeb Bush and Charlie Crist.

But Scott is now on the record as declining to give a damn … over and over and over again.

Malicious proseutions aren’t a felony. They aren’t even a crime. We have the U.S. Supreme Court to thank for this in their 2011 ruling on Connick v Thompson.

The Justices had the opportunity to reverse the obviously deadly and insane immunities for deliberate prosecutorial and supervisory misconduct foisted on us by prior rulings (Brady v Maryland, Imbler v Pachtman, Van de Kamp v Goldstein, etc). But, like Bob Graham, Jeb Bush, Charlie Crist and Rick Scott, on the record, the majority of Justices declined to give a damn.

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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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