When corrections facilities pretend they’re hospitals, people die.

Marlene Yarnall found dead in Bucks County prison cell | Regional: Southeastern PA – Home

Marlene Yarnall found dead in Bucks County prison cell | Regional: Southeastern PA – Home.


Putting Marlene Yarnall through detox in a corrections facility wasn’t merely an unfortunate choice, it was criminal negligence … when previously incarcerated, Ms. Yarnall had a heart attack.

Ms. Yarnall, although only 49, was preceded in death by two sisters. We don’t know what she was going through.

What we do know that having a drug problem doesn’t make you a horrible person … reporters remind us of this whenever another movie star dies from an overdose, and whenever another politician is busted for possession.

What reporters don’t tell us is that corrections facilities make for piss-poor hospitals, and routinely kill people by pretending otherwise, turning many sentences into death sentences.

Timothy Cole died of an asthma attack while incarcerated, and was posthumously DNA-exonerated. Frank Lee Smith died screaming in pain from cruel and unusual end-of-life cancer pain management while incarcerated; he, too, was posthumously DNA-exonerated. James Woodard, a troubled DNA-exoneree who had been rearrested on drug charges, died of seizure activity while incarcerated. Omar Paisley died of a ruptured appendix while incarcerated … he was just 17.

My tax dollars and your tax dollars pay puerile public servants to watch people needlessly suffer, and often die agonizing deaths … people that were supposed to lose their freedom, not every last inherent human right.

Marlene Yarnell’s death is unacceptable; so are countless other in-custody deaths. It doesn’t take much to signify displeasure with your tax dollars funding criminal negligence … all you have to do is “share” this post. Please do.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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