Amnesty for admitting prosecutorial misconduct, and other conviction corruption solutions.

In the email below, I detailed specific actions that parties on the public payroll that are participating in conviction corruption – either directly or indirectly – must take.

It was my job decades ago to walk into a warehouse or manufacturing facility and spot safety hazards as well as impediments to work flow, and come up with solutions. Philip Chamberlain, Head of Sustainable Business Development, C&A Europe can attest to the fact that I don’t pull any punches about industrial “accidents” or preventable worker injuries even now; so can Jaime Ardila, President, GM South America.

Coming up with industrial solutions requires seeing things that aren’t there yet, and then making them materialize. So did interior/exterior design, which I still hope to return to.

Please read through my email, and share this blog post if you agree with even one of the solutions I’ve portrayed. Thank you.

(Unfortunately, the attachments to the email wouldn’t paste. Please request them via comment if you’d like to see them; I’ll email them to you. If you don’t want your comment to remain public, please let me know and I’ll remove it after I note your email address.)



From: Susan Chandler
Date: April 2, 2014 5:12:23 PM EDT
Cc: ASKDOJ <>,, Patrick Leahy <>,,, “ACLU Anthony D. Romero” <>,,
Subject: William “Tommy” Ziegler, Gary Stanley Bennett

Dear Assistant Attorney General Lerner,

I am writing to insist that the Florida Attorney General’s Office act immediately on behalf of William “Tommy” Zeigler, Gary Stanley Bennett, and other innocents it has knowingly allowed to remain incarcerated.

Florida attorneys generals and governors since the Bush Administration have ignored my pleas to address prosecutorial misconduct since 2004. They apparently have had ongoing permission from U.S. Attorney Generals, Congress, the majority of US Supreme Court Justices and the IRS Oversight Board to do so.

Tommy and Gary’s lives depend on all parties immediately ceasing their conspiratorial, lawless stonewalling.

So do the lives of many other incarcerated innocents.

And so does my own life … although I’ve never been charged with a crime.

A. G. Bondi campaigned on a promise of investigating all cases involving oft-discredited dog handler John Preston, and had she done so, both Tommy and Gary would be free. So would many other incarcerated innocents. And I would be safe.

John Preston was used in the judicial circuit where Tommy was framed – the 9th – before he was used in the circuit where Gary was framed – the 18th – which made transferring Gary’s case from the 18th to the 9th an additonal conspiratorial act on both circuits part as well as on Governor Crist and Governor Scott’s part … an act which former prosecutor John Dean Moxley worsened by corresponding directly with Jeff Ashton about Gary’s case. Twice. On his official court stationary as a Brevard County judge.

Jeff Ashton’s team knotted Tommy’s case and Gary’s case together by repeating a lurid lie first used against Tommy. Ashton’s team claimed Tommy was a homosexual in a new theory of the crime invented after DNA tests supported Tommy’s statements. Despite officer Jimmy Yawn’s previous testimony that a photograph was staged, it was entered into evidence as proof that Tommy had committed a homosexual act on a corpse.

Ridiculously, the homosexuality lie was leveled at Gary by the 9th, although it served to undermine Moxley’s original prosecutorial theory of the crime – that Gary had sought sex from an unwilling woman and then murdered her. More about Ashton’s homosexuality lie can be found on the FreeTommyZ website [].

There was FBI participation in Linroy Bottoson’s Preston persecution in the 9th. Bottoson was executed in 2002, despite being a schizophrenic, despite Orange County deputy Greer – a legitimate dog handler – re-discrediting Preston, and despite the jailhouse informant recanting.

There is no telling how many men and women have been falsely executed or died behind bars because of the FBI’s decades of involvement with DNA-discredited dog handlers … the most prolific of which was likely Keith Pikett (@2,500 “investigations”), rather than John Preston (@1,000 “investigations”).

Because of the Justice Department’s eagerness to keep the FBI’s corruption under wraps, all discredited dog handler victims that remain incarcerated on clearly perjured testimony are fighting their way to freedom one-by-one … denied any protection under the law, let alone equal protection. Megan Winfrey recently filed suit in Texas over Keith Pikett’s perjuries, which also put her father and brother wrongfully behind bars.

Neither Tommy Zeigler nor Gary Bennett has ever had one (1) fair day in court despite being incarcerated a combined total of over 68 (sixty-eight) years. The FBI has gone so far in Gary’s case as to ignore clear evidence of evidence tampering. Their reaction to Gary’s evidence being the second Preston-related evidence to arrive in suspect condition at Orchid Cellmark in Dallas County, TX for DNA testing from Judge W. David Duggan’s Brevard County court was to pretend it didn’t happen … ignoring a formal complaint filed by Donnetta Bennett-Swart, Karen Bennett, and myself.

In 2012, Orchid Cellmark was apparently rewarded for their complacency with tampered evidence with a federal subsidy in excess of $100,000 (page below). I suspect that a lot of federal dollars end up in corporate coffers for playing deaf, dumb and blind upon request – the federal disbursements to clear up DNA backlogs never seem to clear up backlogs, and Florida International University’s Kenneth Furton, a multi-year federal “scent evidence” grant recipient, testified FOR Keith Pikett and FOR Casey Anthony.

The FBI is entrusted with making sure that public corruption does not affect trial outcomes. But the FBI is a rogue agency, doing what it wants, when it wants … sloppily and lawlessly. That is not my personal opinion; that is the opinion of Senator Patrick Leahy, who called the FBI out on the scandalous number of “lost or stolen” laptops and weapons, among many other things, more than once (below). Given the top-down misbehaviors Leahy noted, it was just silly to not investigate specific agents for likely SELLING their laptops and weapons.

Discredited dog handlers are a small portion of the FBI’s forensics foul ups. They mishandled the announcement that their Comparative Bullet Lead Analysis was junk science; they mishandled the announcement that their hair and fiber analysis was junk science. While CBLA convictions are easy to review because the FBI alone performed the “analysis,” their junk science hair and fiber analysis is a nationwide nightmare … the FBI taught the “analysis” to law enforcement officers nationwide, affecting tens of thousands of cases, perhaps even hundreds of thousands of cases.

Unfortunately, that’s not all. The FBI was obliged to step in and investigate the convictions that remain intact based on outdated fire accelerant technology, discredited Shaken Baby Syndrome criteria, discredited bite mark evidence, and more. It cannot remain the case that all it takes to reestablish someone as an “expert witness” once his work has been debunked by legitimate science is for one (1) stupid and/or corrupt judge to allow his testimony, which is the case with Steven Hayne, who is again testifying despite being DNA-discredited on bite mark testimony – twice.

If it takes the involvement of international courts, America’s conviction corruption must be brought to an immediate end. The corruption that is peripheral to it – quite logically – dwarfs it, as anyone who is corrupt enough to frame an innocent is corrupt enough to do absolutely anything in every other aspect of their public employ. Like conviction corruption, peripheral corruption ends lives – like Alissa Blanton’s – and threatens lives, like Albert Flowers, and like mine.

Pam Bondi, Eric Holder and members of Congress, along with everyone who assists them in keeping justice unavailable (including the  mainstream media) best learn to turn on a dime and stop acting conspiratorially under Color of Law. They all know that the U.S. Supreme Court granted prosecutorial and/or supervisory immunities for prosecution for deliberate misconduct in Brady v Maryland, Imbler v Pachtman, Van de Kamp v Goldstein and Connick v Thompson, and that these immunities constitute separate-but-equal-justice, which is unconstitutional via the decided law in Brown v Board of Education … anything separate is inherently unequal and therefore unconstitutional. The American Bar Association was tasked by the Justices with addressing public attorney misconduct, and they have never, ever – decade after disgusting decade – attempted to meet that obligation, proving the wisdom of Brown v Board of Education. As Connick v Thompson was ruled on in 2011, it falls to this Congress to impeach the Justices who ignored Brown v Board of Education in making their ruling.

An unfettered press would have been glued to the unavailability until it was resolved. But we have a self-fettered press that seeks to assist in electing the most pliant politicians possible, politicians that will allow further concentration of control as well as clear conflicts of interests in ownership of subsidiaries, such as those that fuel the mainstream media’s enthusiasm for endless war, which proves that money is not free speech … money is still what it has been throughout recorded history – an impediment to free speech. As this, too, is ruling currently making news, it again falls to Congress to impeach the Justices who ignored all of recorded history to rule that money is free speech.

Congress has other reasons to impeach the majority of U.S. Supreme Court Justices. Corporations are by definition legal fictions, and fictions are never people. Lily Ledbetter is not clairvoyant, and the majority of Justices ruling that she must be to be deserving of equal pay was just nuts.

Frankly, that’s how most of us legitimate innocence advocates see most of our public servants as well as the mainstream media: They’re just nuts; so very nuts that they believe that their cartoonish careers are worth more than an innocent man’s freedom, or his very life.

The IRS Oversight can and must bring down the house of cards by retroactively voiding the American Bar Association’s tax exemption for lying about the basis for their exemption … that the ABA equally protects the public and its members. The IRS Oversight Board has only one mandate: to collect taxes fairly. There is nothing fair in taxing me or anyone else to keep innocents serving the time of killers, killers that remain free to kill again. The IRS Oversight Board received my first request to cancel the American Bar Association’s exemption in January of 2011. It was followed by other requests. The IRSOB had no justification for ignoring me. Both the Justice Department and Congress have been paying close attention to the IRS on every subject except their lawlessly allowing Bar associations nationwide to harbor knowingly criminal public lawyers – it’s a smokescreen.

Take note, Ms. Lerner. In 1984 – the year of Gary Bennett’s frame-up – former Florida Governor Bob Graham “investigated” John Preston. The “investigation” of Preston’s alleged trainer, Thomas McGinn, was already underway. As a Florida U.S. Senator, Bob Graham served for ten years on the Senate Intelligence Oversight committee, which was and is supposed to hold the FBI to its mandates, including its public corruption mandates. Florida U.S. Senator Bill Nelson has also served on that committee. Nelson grew up in Brevard County and knows EXACTLY what has transpired there.

Thomas McGinn was “investigated” in the 19th judicial circuit, the circuit I fled to from the 18th in fear of my life in 2001. Bruce Colton is still our State Attorney. And an untrained dog handler –  is still training scent dogs here.

Those of us who are fighting for our inherent rights and very lives have no reason to back down. And we won’t.

The Justice Department must call upon Congress to immediately impeach the corrupt majority of U.S. Supreme Court Justices and work with Congress to establish a one-year amnesty period for those who participated in conviction corruption to come forward with details of their misdeeds. There must be severe penalties for failing to come forward, ten years of federal incarceration for each instance of participating in frame-ups and/or keeping them intact.

While the Justice Department is working with Congress on an amnesty program  – which it must do at lightening speed – the IRS Oversight Board must retroactively cancel not only the American Bar Association’s tax exemption, but the exemption of every Bar association that visibly abetted conviction corruption, like Florida’s Bar did in appointing an unqualified out-of-state death row defender for Crosley Green, like Brevard County’s Bar association did in burying its head in the sand over Moxley’s decades of deadly misconduct.

My elected public servants swore oaths of office to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution. Those oaths put absolutely everything I’ve written about within their respective jurisdictions. To claim otherwise would be to act under Color of Law. Again. Insist that A.G. Bondi get busy, ma’am.


Susan Chandler

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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2 Responses to Amnesty for admitting prosecutorial misconduct, and other conviction corruption solutions.

  1. SANDRA OLSON says:

    this is abolutely true, i am dealing with much the same here in British columbia canada, corporations like cellmark, FORMERLY HELIX BIOTECH, are rewarded for falsifying data all the time, they produced a false report here in my paternity case, but even forgot the remove the vancouver general hospital file number from the pages!!! i have the freedom of information office here, as well, corresponding with vancouver general hospital to help them avoid releasing my paternity file to me, they insist it is under the care and control of provincial health, i have statements from both federal and provincial health, that they have nothing to do with paternity testing. it is a court ordered private fee service. the people at freedom of information, are refusing to provide documentation to me, to show when and how this file landed on the doorstep of provincial health, they just say,,, sometime ago.,; and now, i have to play provincial healths games. the people most recently involved with this are tiell rafford, who refuses to account for how the file simply cannot be found except for provincial health, pat egan who backs her up, and still to come, hamish flanagan, the adjudicator on my application for the release of the entire file, bet his decision backs up the other 2. this is what happens when the corrupt, associate with the truely even more corrupt. they are without conscience., they do not care about whose life they are destroying,,, as long as they hide the evidence really well. the people at the freedom of information are not elected, they are hired by the ones we elect, so it goes up all the way. falsifying dna reports to support fraud, is not new, and still ongoing.


  2. Thank you, Sandra. I’m so sorry that you’re still having problems. I hope it’s all resolved soon. Hang in!


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