Judge John Dean Moxley does one (1) thing right.


BREVARD COUNTY • TITUSVILLE, FLORIDA – Circuit Court Judge John “Dean” Moxley ruled Wednesday that the Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast is subject to the Florida Public Records Act when working on behalf of the County as its economic development agency.

via – http://spacecoastdaily.com/2014/03/moxley-declares-edc-records-open-to-public/

Does it matter that John Dean Moxley did one thing right?

Consider the short list of Moxley’s misdeeds:

1) Framing innocents as a prosecutor and lawlessly laboring to keep those frame-ups intact as a judge (successfully in Gary Bennett’s case … for more than 30 years)

2) Staggering number of judicial releases on recognizance that likely resulted in additional crimes, including repeat violence and flight from prosecution

3) Describing protection orders as ineffectual pieces of paper after Alissa Blanton’s stalker homicide … three short months after blaming Yolanda Garvin-Williams for her own homicide for failing to follow through on securing a protection order

4) Interference in county finances so egregious that he came off as one of the leading “bad actors” in Glenda Carlin Busick’s book, Brevard Good Ole Boys, interference for which the statute of limitations likely ran out more than a decade ago

5) Keeping me in harm’s way for nearly a decade to further the games that Brevard police, prosecutors and judges play with lives and freedoms, for reasons I won’t know or be able to resolve until I can hire a detective

Despite all of the above, it’s my opinion that Moxley doing even one right thing indeed matters, a great deal.

It may indicate circumspection that is decades overdue, which may lead to Moxley personally requesting review of the criminal convictions he knew he won by breaking laws, and kept in place by breaking yet more laws, which could lead to freeing Brevard’s remaining incarcerated innocents.

It may indicate that Moxley is becoming afraid of losing his freedom, that Eric Holder may reach a tipping point of tolerance for Brevard’s corruption, particularly Moxley’s apparent leading role, which – too – would lead to freeing Brevard’s remaining incarcerated innocents.

But those weren’t the deciding factors for me on my “yes.”

Florida’s financial corruption is as off the charts as its conviction corruption, and Moxley’s ruling opens the door to address a few million dollars of it, including some of the unscrupulous behaviors by former Brevard County Clerk of Courts Mitch Needelman (whom I’ve written about previously).

I am grateful to current Brevard County Clerk of Courts Scott Ellis for battling for his constituents; here’s hoping there’s a ripple affect to his quest for full disclosure, and financial accountability.



About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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