Why was William Westervelt sent to Martin County when he fears this attempted murder may have connections to this county?

Martin County is within Florida’s 19th Judicial Circuit, where I have lived since I fled the dangerous corruption of the 18th Judicial Circuit in 2001. I recently learned that I must look to the deeds of former Governor Bob Graham in the mid-1980’s if I am to understand how it came to be that I am still in danger, that likely no Florida judicial circuit will be a haven from corruption until we have a governor with a conscience and great courage. Despite all the oppositional posing, Florida has but one political party, and its a party that cares nothing about public safety, let alone the availability of justice. The permission slips for Florida’s corruption to continue are renewed by the mainstream media, of which Bob Graham’s family held a significant stake until Jeff Bezos’ recent purchase of the Washington Post. Punditz (spelling intentional) bemoaning Bezos’ ties to the CIA as “unprecedented” are peddling deep deceit … Bob Graham chaired senate oversight of our intelligence agencies. As to what powers Florida governors have to ensure public safety and the availability of fair trials, I give you Bob Graham’s own words from his book, Intelligence Matters: “In Florida, the chief law enforcement official is the governor, not the attorney general. The governor has responsibility for the state attorneys, the state’s Department of Law Enforcement, and the other law enforcement agencies.” Bob Graham, in that role, kept the far-flung perjuries of charlatan dog handler John Preston intact, perjuries that cannot have been unknown to Bruce Colton, our local state attorney, given his assigned role in investigating swindler dog handler Thomas McGinn, to whom John Preston attributed his “training” … training that was discredited in an Ohio federal court in December of 1982, known to officers, prosecutors, public defenders AND the media before Gary Bennett’s January, 1984 18th judicial circuit frame-up … per the January 30, 1984 Sentinel article, “Legal foes differ on value of dogs nose.” We have a self-fettered press, and there’s hardly a bigger player in that self-fettering than the Washington Post. The Bob Graham/Bruce Colton/Thomas McGinn/John Preston dots were connected by a January 14, 1986 Sun Sentinel article, “Conflicting K-9 Records Exist, Lieutenant Says.” [http://articles.sun-sentinel.com/1986-01-14/news/8601030896_1_cello-training-deputies] In addition to being discredited by an actual perpetrator, John Preston was discredited by Judge Gilbert Goshorn’s common sense scent-tracking skill test, and discredited yet again by DNA – twice. Gary Bennett suffered a 30th anniversary of his Preston perjured frame-up this month, and other wrongful sentences remain intact. The FBI used Preston, and other DNA-discredited dog handlers – there are likely more than 3,000 convictions that are clouded. Any U.S. Attorney General could have stepped up to hold the FBI accountable for their mandate to ensure that trials are not affected by public corruption, even after leaving office. There is much to be investigated, and much to be explained, particularly by the mainstream media and by non-profit organizations who enjoy exemption from income taxes on the perjured premise that they protect the public from unfair trials, most notably Bar associations and innocence organizations. It will take international hackavists to bring to light enough information to make justice available in America, given the untold tens of thousands of cases affected by the FBI’s admittedly failed forensics – Comparative Bullet Lead Analysis, hair and fiber analysis – and untold thousands of cases involving disgraced dog handlers, coached informants, etc. All the hackavists have to do is hack me, and follow the yellow brick road of IP reactions to what I’ve written to Jeb Bush, Charlie Crist, Rick Scott, Eric Holder, Patrick Leahy, the FBI, the IRS Oversight Board, the Treasury Department, Bar associations, the Innocence Project, etc. I hope they hack in the sure knowledge that each moment wasted is another life ruined or lost, because the mainstream media is not going to unfetter itself.

Martin County Florida Is Corrupt

 William is still healing from his attempted murder that took place on January 3rd at DeSoto C.I.. . He is still in confinement for 30 days due to the retaliatory acts of Warden Lawrence of De Soto Correctional.

 William has been moved from Desoto to South Florida Reception Center for the protection of his life.

The person(s) responsible for the actual brutal act of the attempted murder has been caught.  There is still the mystery of who were the instigator(s). We have maintained a theory that the tentacles of this crime could reach to Martin County Florida. William and his family have information and documentation that is pointing in that direction. 

Why might there be suspicion that Martin County Justice might be involved? The erased video of a crime on William from the Martin County Sheriff’s Office, the falsified Internal Affairs report from the…

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About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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2 Responses to Why was William Westervelt sent to Martin County when he fears this attempted murder may have connections to this county?

  1. Admin says:

    Thanks for following my blog. It has been a long journey of realizing the deep dark corruption that exists just within Martin County! However, when a plot to have someone killed to cover this corruption and save one’s soul’s and careers.. How far will they go?

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