Tsamoutales Strategies hires former FL Senate President Haridopolos. Wow.

Success is measured by results.

Our expertise spans across all industries and our abilities have been battle-tested by some of the biggest names in the country. In 2012, our faithful clients included four Fortune 500 companies that collectively netted revenues amounting to more than $698 billion.

We are honored to serve a wide-ranging list of influential clients and look forward to continuing to build on their success. We invite you to explore our faithful clients below:

via Our Faithful.

Former Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos has a poor business track record that Sunshine State News neglected to mention in their article about Tsamoutales Strategies hiring him as their new chief strategy officer.

Appliance Direct (by any name) didn’t do well at all with Haridopolos doing the marketing.

Haridopolos ethics issues are too numerous to mention … my focus hones in on his capitalizing on two related exonerations, ignoring many other constituents who were framed using the same charlatan dog handler, John Preston. Haridopolos is the son of a former FBI agent who resided in his district, and the FBI used Preston and wanted – and still wants – to keep the remaining false convictions buried.

My focus lingers there because it keeps me in harm’s way (and has for over a decade) to have frame-up specialists – officers, prosecutors, judges – still on the job, along with their friends in Tallahassee, D.C. and in the media.

And while my focus was lingering there, I noticed other victims who were in worse danger … behind bars, serving real killers’ time, like Gary Bennett, and those that didn’t survive the corruption, like Gerald Stano.

Tsamoutales announced another “who’s your daddy” hire in the same Sunshine State News article … Mike “Uncle Sugar” Huckabee’s daughter.

Tsamoutales’ “faithful clients” should be wavering: Huckabee’s daughter may have inherited his foot-in-mouth disease and Hardiopolos’ hand has been found in far too many cookie jars … and there’s no chance that I’ll cease restating Haridopolos’ conviction corruption contentment now, not when the whole world is finally catching on to just how corrupt our intelligence community really is.

The FBI is entrusted to ensure the availability of fair trials, and they’re been doing the exact opposite, as they too often do, i.e.; instead of tracking threats on Martin Luther King’s life, they were tracking King, and instead of focusing on their own 160 “lost” and unsecured laptops, they’re concerned only with Edward Snowden’s four secure laptops.

The FBI’s inability to ethically adhere to their mandates has always, always cost us more than we can afford.

And it’s time for it to stop.


About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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