My phone company is standing up for your rights. Go, Credo!

Telecom Believed to Be at Center of Government Court Fight Files Surveillance Transparency Report | Threat Level |

Credo Mobile, the first telecom to release a transparency report, received just 15 requests for customer data pursuant to subpoena, summons or court order and one emergency request for data. But the most significant part of the report may be the government requests it doesn’t list.

A press release accompanying the report notes that it may be incomplete because legal restrictions prevent companies like Credo from disclosing certain kinds of government requests for customer data, such as those requested with a so-called National Security Letter or NSL.

via Telecom Believed to Be at Center of Government Court Fight Files Surveillance Transparency Report | Threat Level |

Credo was absolutely the most cooperative of my creditors when notoriously nefarious former prosecutor Judge John Dean Moxley took his time obscuring the dark deeds of the Melbourne and Palm Bay, Florida police departments through overlooking an opponent’s perjuries, frauds, abuse of process, and more, including an obvious Jane-Doe-in-the-making police report in the opponent’s handwriting.

Credo is still cooperative. When recent, very-much-related-to-Moxley calls to and from Antonio Sodo and Major Banks – who both claimed they were from the Treasury Department – took me over the mobile minutes I can afford per month, they instantly reworked my plan for me, so I wouldn’t be socked with charges.

Each dollar each of us spends is a vote, and I’ve voted for Credo since their earliest days, when their name was Working Assets.

I hope others will join me.

From their How We Work page:

We fight for progressive social change with 3 million of our activist friends at CREDO Action. No lobbyists, no back-door meetings, no candidate contributions. Just ordinary Americans, galvanized to speak truth to power.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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