(An incomplete) Dissent by Chief Judge Kozinski, USA v Kenneth R Olsen.

Judge Kozinski is being congratulated on the content of his dissent, although Brady v Maryland (1963) and Connick v Thompson (2011) aren’t the only Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) rulings that facilitate public corruption in trials.

Imbler v Pachtman and Van de Kamp v Goldstein – along with Brady v Maryland – were the stepping stones to the outrageous ruling in Connick v Thompson.

Civil immunities – which all four address – are deadly, dastardly, and unconstitutional. In 1976 – our bicentennial year – SCOTUS bastardized equal justice by creating separate justice for prosecutors in Imbler v Pachtman. They upped the ante in 1977 by giving prosecutors’ supervisors (D.A.’s, S.A.’s, A.G.’s, etc.) separate justice in Van de Kamp v Goldstein. Civil immunities are now as common as dishwater, and as lethal as Jim Jones’ Kool-Aid, as the Bar is overseeing public lawyer ethics, and the Bar likely couldn’t be more corrupt than at present.

You needn’t look any further than the dissent to know this to be true.

Kozinski mentions Michael Morton being framed for homicide by Texas prosecutor Ken Anderson, but did not mention that framing Morton left a murderer free to kill again, which he did: Debra Masters Baker – another young Austin mother – lost her life because Ken Anderson wanted to look good, and it’s still paying off for him. Yes, he was made to step down from the bench, serve a few days in jail and do some community service. But Anderson gets to keep his public pension … his never, ever-earned public pension, which Ms. Baker’s family will help pay for with their tax dollars, just as they helped pay to persecute Michael Morton for 25 years. The Baker family will also help pay for Morton’s exoneration compensation – although it’s due and payable by Anderson and his ilk, not the Baker family.

There is a solution. And it’s easy.

As easy as taking down Al Capone proved to be.



About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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