The The Ken Anderson prosecutorial “accountability” lie, retold by LA Times.

Texas ex-prosecutor’s sentence sends warning on wrongful convictions –

Anderson agreed to serve nine days in jail, resign from the bench and surrender his law license …

“I am guardedly optimistic that we’ll see more courts of inquiry,” said Jeff Blackburn, founder of the Innocence Project of Texas, which helped free Morton.

State Sen. Rodney Ellis, a Houston Democrat who attended Anderson’s court of inquiry, said the proceeding “sends out a message to prosecutors around the country that if you don’t play by the rules, you will be held accountable.”

via Texas ex-prosecutor’s sentence sends warning on wrongful convictions –

Because prosecutor Ken Anderson willfully framed Michael Morton for his wife’s homicide, another young Austin, Texas mother was killed … Debra Masters Baker.

Ms. Baker’s family will not be made whole by Michael Morton’s exoneration, or by Ken Anderson’s wrist slap. Quite the contrary. They will be further defrauded.

Their tax dollars helped pay for Michael Morton’s frame-up and 25 years behind bars. Their tax dollars will help pay for Morton’s exoneration compensation.

Worst of all, the Baker family’s tax dollars will help pay Ken Anderson’s public pension – which he was allowed to keep – along with all the assets he fraudulently accumulated while pretending to serve the public.

Our nation was founded on the principle that taxation must be tied to representation. Without exception. And that representation cannot limited to merely casting votes for honorable candidates, especially when the mainstream media habitually and enthusiastically promotes dishonorable candidates.

Inexplicably, the LA Times inserted posthumously exonerated Tim Cole’s grim fairy tale into their grim fairy tale of Ken Anderson’s “accountability” (see previous post).

The only message sent by Ken Anderson’s wrist slap (and Tim Cole’s statue) is that it remains open season for prosecutors to frame innocents at will … that the mainstream media will continue to have their back, and so will the Innocence Project.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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