Kelly Michael Brady’s 30-60 year sentence rips off MI taxpayers

Man pleads guilty for 1991 homicide in Dearborn | The Detroit News

A 45-year-old Florida man who confessed to a 1991 Dearborn homicide last year pleaded guilty of the crime in court this week …

Brady pleaded guilty under a plea agreement that called for a prison sentence of 30-60 years in the Michigan Department of Corrections. He will be sentenced 9 a.m. Dec. 4 before Third Circuit Court Judge Gregory Bill.

via Man pleads guilty for 1991 homicide in Dearborn | The Detroit News

[Update 6/22/16: I noticed that The Detroit News link is no longer working, another media accounting of the story can be found here:]


Kelly Michael Brady had the right to remain silent; he wasn’t a suspect, no one was after him … giving his victim’s family the answers they’ve been waited 20 years for was his idea.

Encouraging actual criminals to come forward should be a high priority for police, prosecutors and judges. But – as other stories indicate – they find actual criminals coming forward to be so embarrassing that they act against the public’s interest.

14-year-old Davontae Sanford wasn’t merely an unlikely suspect for a 2007 quadruple homicide … he was an entirely incredible suspect. Davontae is blind in one eye and developmentally disabled. Detroit police coerced a false confession from him with no parent or guardian present, as they previously had coerced a false confession from mentally ill DNA-exoneree Eddie Joe Lloyd.

In 2008, hit man Vincent Smothers confessed to being one of two shooters in the homicide Davontae was framed for. He said the other shooter was another adult, not Davontae. Smother’s confession was completely credible; it led to weapon recovery. Davontae’s “confession” was beyond his skills, determined to be at third grade level, on a good day.

Dearborn, where Kelly Michael Brady was so absurdly sentenced, is also in Wayne County, where long-time Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy proved herself unworthy to me, personally, long ago.

There were seven Easter Saturdays between 1985 and 1991, and in the very early hours of one of those Easter Saturdays, there was a guy who got pepper-sprayed in the eyes and stabbed in the leg with a tiny blade – likely a lady’s metal nail file. And the spraying/stabbing were likely in self defense. Perhaps there was a rape. Or a homicide. In Wayne County.

I don’t remember which of the seven Saturdays was involved, because I have clinical memory damage from decades of taking Phenobarbital for my epilepsy. And I never had to remember which Saturday, because there is a hospital treatment record to access, and likely an medical insurance record to access. Detroit cold case officers were open to calling the hospital where treatment was provided, but needed authorization from Kym Worthy. She wouldn’t give it.

Worthy is ripping off taxpayers, and keeping them in danger.

Standing by Davontae’s “confession” is absurd, especially since a condition of Eddie Joe Lloyd’s exoneration settlement was that Detroit officers thereafter record all interrogations, which they didn’t do.

Entertaining anything but the minimum sentence for Kelly Michael Brady was also absurd. That 30-60 year sentence will stick firmly in the mind of any actual criminal who has contemplated clearing his conscience.

Packing prisons and saving face is a higher priority than actual justice, nationwide.

These priorities cost innocent Texan Tim Cole his life. The actual rapist had come forward repeatedly, trying to clear Tim, and his conscience. No one paid any attention to him. Tim died of an asthma attack behind bars. Much was made of Tim’s posthumous DNA exoneration, little was made of the deadly betrayal by those who were obliged to heed the actual rapist.

Kelly Michael Brady was living right here in St. Lucie County, Florida; it’s where he confessed. His Wayne County, Michigan punishment was cruel and unusual, and I’m taking it personally, because I know for a fact that Wayne County, Michigan doesn’t give a damn about anything but making their cruel and unusual punishments stick – to hell with solving crimes.

The FBI and DoJ could have corrected Kym Worthy’s and other malicious prosecutors courses long ago, and so could Bar associations. But the FBI, DoJ and Bar associations instead engaged in conspiratorial behaviors that make justice unavailable, behaviors that the mainstream media assists with.

The IRS can fix this. And must fix this. They can void Bar tax exemptions as fraudulent for their failing to address public attorney misconduct in any meaningful way.

A great deal of media attention was paid to Texas prosecutor Ken Anderson being disbarred and made to serve several days in jail for deliberate framing Michael Morton for his wife’s homicide.

No media attention was paid to that frame-up resulting in the homicide of another young Austin mother, Debra Masters Baker.

Ken Anderson was in fact rewarded for his deadly frauds on the public … allowed to keep his pension, which he hadn’t earned.

We have to press the IRS to void Bar exemptions. And we have to do it now. Actual killers are walking free, within prosecutors knowledge, and innocents are serving time, within prosecutors knowledge, and the Innocence Industry is gobbling up Bar and DoJ grant dollars while clouding every last issue – and with the DoJ grant dollars – whether you wanted to or not – you “gave at the office” to have every last criminal justice issue remain in spin cycle.

It won’t take many signatures on my petition to convince the IRS that they indeed have to take down Bar associations, just like they took down Al Capone. A mob is a mob is a mob.

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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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