Mega-merged, multinational Gannett fuels blood thirst.

TN makes unprecedented push to execute 10 killers | The Tennessean |

“If you think about it, he’s in a hospital surrounded by family and has a peaceful death. It wasn’t supposed to happen that way.

“He just died a normal death like everyone else.”

via TN makes unprecedented push to execute 10 killers | The Tennessean |


Actually, this is exactly how killers are supposed to die.

Because no American taxpayer owes victim’s families blood-on-our-own-hands vengeance. We only owe them justice.

Because killers’ family’s should get to say their goodbyes. They aren’t guilty of anything by association.

Because Gannett knows how often the wrong person is put behind bars, and that every story about executions offers them an opportunity to share that knowledge, most particularly this story about ten rushed executions.

The Detroit Free Press knows that Davontae Sanford is incarcerated, although innocent. Florida Today knows that Gary Bennett is incarcerated, although innocent, and that his case – via an illegal transfer and a lurid lie – is now tied to the case of death row innocent William “Tommy” Zeigler. USA Today knows that it’s phony “all clear” on frame-ups involving charlatan dog handler caused the executions of Gerald Stano and Linroy Bottoson and perhaps others elsewhere, in addition to keeping Gary Bennett behind bars in Florida, Stephen Epperly behind bars in Virginia, and likely others elsewhere. They also know that charlatan dog handler Keith Pikett clouded at least double the criminal investigations that John Preston did, and that feds used both of the phonies.

Gannett’s “he said, she said” not-really-news serves the sole purpose of electing putrid people who will allow them to continue to fly under a false flag of a liberal agenda, while pushing a far right agenda so extreme that it will – if unchecked – dismantle democracy as we know it, worldwide.

The UK got their feet wet on addressing some of Rupert Murdoch’s excesses, it’s time for them to just dive in and fully unfetter their press, destroying Gannett’s EU empire. After all, it doesn’t matter which nation’s feds take Gannett down; it only matters that they’re taken down. And let’s face it, EU feds do occasionally hold themselves accountable, unlike ours.

For all we know, our FBI is still “losing” laptops containing classified information and weapons that include automatics, left and right … the media has gone silent on the subject, despite an obvious need not to:

In a report five years ago, the inspector general said 354 weapons and 317 laptop computers were lost or stolen during a 28-month review.

The new report found that 160 weapons and 160 laptop computers were lost or stolen over a 44-month period.

Gannett wants you furious, not curious. If it takes fomenting rage over killers’ deaths in God’s given time rather than governors’ penswipe-phony-tough-on-crime time, they’re up for it, even though they know that hurriedly executing 10 death row inmates in any given state will likely include at least one innocent.

[Update: I am not much of a writer, but Albert Camus was. Here are his thoughts on the death penalty, courtesy of a friend’s well-timed email:

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